Wednesday, December 3, 2014

More Lego Party Ideas From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to another edition of Lego party ideas.

Obviously, my boys love Lego and as I'm typing this up, I'm planning yet another Lego party for my younger son.  That blog will be unique because his party will be geared towards children with special needs.  Jeffrey has Autism and he goes to an extraordinary school.  Stay tuned!

These are the invitation I used for the last Lego party.  Boomersgirl Designs provided the fabulous goodies to make them digitally.  Click on the image to get over to the blog where you can check them out.

The silly host...

My cousin sent me some Lego chocolate moulds and I surprised myself by their success.  I melted some dark chocolate and butter very slowly and poured the melted mix in the moulds then put them in the refrigerator until they were cooled then took them out of the moulds.  Easy!  They were not all perfect, but good enough.  (I use dark chocolate because it has very little sugar and 5 grams per day of DARK chocolate is actually brain food.)  Here is a link for directions.


Bev also sent me these candy blocks.  You can actually build with them.  I don't know if you can get these just anywhere.  If not, here is her Facebook Page for her shop.  I'm sure she would send them to you if you didn't live in the area.

I always have out pretzels and fresh fruit and veggies for when they get here.  It's very little preparation and good for the kids, too.

As you can see, I don't have all kinds of fancy containers and things.  I've found that these kids just do NOT care.  I save myself time and money by going simple.

I made this ramp out of some styrofoam I found in the garage and used chalk to make the lines on it and the driveway.  The boys had 20 minutes to build a vehicle that could successfully go down the ramp and across the finish line.  They could have probably used 30 minutes, though.

The boys were very enthusiastic about this.  You could put them in teams if you don't have all that many blocks, if you have too many kids or to encourage team work.  Offer prizes if you like for the winner.  If you have some soft hearts, make sure to tell them to remember rigidity.  Explain that it has to move on its own.  (Lesson learned, there!)

With that same vehicle, the boys had to do a lap around this track and see who could do it the fastest.

I made semi-homemade pizza.  I used a huge store bought crust and flattened and shaped it to fit a big, oven pan.  I oiled it slightly so as not to stick and slapped on all of the kid's favourite toppings.  I wish I were exaggerating when I say it was all gone in about 5 minutes!  Next time, TWO pizzas for 6 boys.  (The pan was about 20x15 inches.)

I played the Lego Movie while they had pizza.  You could play other Lego features like Ninjago or Chima.  They are much shorter and keep their attention a bit better.  They did not finish the movie.

I also had a game where the boys had to use a spoon and transport a bowl full of Lego to another huge bowl a couple of meters away.  That provided a lot of laughs and fun as well as healthy outdoor activity.

Of course, the party ended with some serious Lego gaming. 

I've got two other Lego related blogs.  One with an entire series of FREE, party printables in both English and Dutch and a fast and cheap way to organise all of the bricks.

Enjoy your party!

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