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Paper Camera Project With Templates

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We've got a fantastic paper project all set up for you thanks to Paper Craft Inspiration MagazineIsn't it just fantastic?!  I spotted this baby on Pinterest and tried like heck to download the templates, but couldn't find the proper links.  I took matters into my own hands and took their tiny version and basically blew it up and turned it into both a cutting template as well as a digital template where you can insert your own digital background/papers.  Yay!


Here is my really simple rendition of the project using the digital template with A-Manda Creation's, kit, Cache Me and The Cherry On Top's brag book for Cache Me as inserts. I used a couple of extra owls for my pages.  As you can see, you need minimal supplies.  (The Cache Me brag book will release soon.  However, Amanda has a lot of other brag books that you can check out here.)


*paper cutter
*optional:  scissors and embellishments

There are so many options with this project.  I chose to format my inserts/brag book pages from a 5"x7" format to a 4"x6" format and adhered them back to back. There was plenty of space in the camera to keep them individual or even add some embellishments.  You may also choose to laminate them if you like.  Choose to print on photo paper or card stock.

You've got your brag book pages or photos all scrapped up and cropped to fit in the box.  

Next, print out and cut your camera using the cutting or digital templates provided here, at the end of the blog.
Note: These templates are not perfect, but the final result looks great.

There are no lines provided, but it's really easy to see where to cut and where to fold.  Just follow the natural lines as pictured below.

I used double sided tape, but you could use glue as well.

The box is all cut out and I've demonstrated where to put the double sided tape or adhesive.

There is a tad bit of flexibility with this project.  You can choose to print out the sides a bit longer to fit all the way up.  You may also decide to use some washi tape all around for extra adhesion, decoration or to cover up some faults you may encounter.  Inking around the edges would look great, too!

Now, you're ready for the lid.  Once again, simply follow the natural lines of the template and adhere as below shows.  Look in the original image and see how they cut a slit in the top of the lid and slid a slip of paper through to make a strap.  You could also use two slits and create a more typical, around the neck camera strap with some wide ribbon. My lid was just a touch too small in length so watch your folds and don't adhere your box lid until you have the perfect fit over your camera base.

Your box is all set.  Add the lens if you like or make your own.  Here's how I did mine.  I used some scrap paper, folded into a ring, adhered on both sides and stuck it on the camera box for a touch of dimension.

You could use dimensional foam tape, which I wanted to use, but could not find anywhere. A toilet paper roll or plastic cap would work as well.  Whatever you choose.

I love what they did on the original project with the camera strap.  This project will be handled quite a bit from younger, school aged kids so I wanted to keep it really simple.

Here's a sample of the insert with the finished project.  I plan on making a much fancier, more frilly version of this for my mother in the next couple of months.

Click on the images below and head over to my Photobucket where you can download the templates. 

Once again, these are not my templates, but just an enlarged version of ones I found on Pinterest that you find here.

 free download

For clarity's sake.  You will find three templates over at Photobucket.  Use the arrows to get to the image you would like to download for free.  The ones with the grey background are digital.  You can use them for cutting or applying your own paper background.

This is all for PERSONAL USE.  Please, enjoy and share the links to this blog with your scrappy sisters. 

Thank you for checking out The Cherry!

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