Saturday, March 7, 2015

Round Robin At The Studio

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Today, I've got The Studio back in the spotlight.  They have a monthly Round Robin that focuses on one designer.  They post a new kit or collaboration every week, for a month with sweet discounts, too.

This month, Snickerdoodle Designs is featured and the collaboration to start off March's Round Robin is absolutely amazing.  Fly Away Home is an enormous bundle with more goodies than you can shake a stick at.  Styles, clusters, frame clusters, fabulous borders, page stackers and of course the typical elements and papers that you find in most digital kits.

Let's take a look at Fly Away Home.

Is that not colossal?  All of those styles, too?!  I'm bringing a few of the packs into focus because they are really awesome and they are a fantastic resource if you're short on time.  Check out the borders and frame clusters.



Team up a border or two with a fabulous frame cluster or pre-made cluster from the collection and you're nearly finished with your layout or project!  That's what I did here.  Made in minutes.

 DSS Gallery

 DSS Gallery

And there, too!  Invert a border and use it to frame up a lovely large photo.  I whipped up two, small clusters for opposite corners and voila!  Finished in minutes.

In this layout I used a new, free, template for newsletter fans from Valentina.  

 DSS Gallery

I just let it all out in this one!  I Played with the really fun alpha and made some fun hexy paper shapes.

Tip:  Scatter an element repetitively throughout your layouts for cohesion, like I did with both the bead scatter and the lady bugs.

 DSS Gallery

We've got this word art freebie for our blog fans.  Something simple, versatile and you won't find word art like it in the collection.  It'll be a super addition!

 Free Download

You can find this other coordinating freebie over at The Cherry On Top on Facebook.


The Cherry On Top's freebies are always for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Do not share or claim any of the work as your own.  Sharing is caring and the best way to say thank you.

If freebies are yo' thang then scroll through previous blogs for all kinds of free stuff, hit up our FB Page and our various Free Boards on Pinterest.  You'll be set!

Thanks for joining us here at The Cherry.  Make sure you do it, again.

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