Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ironing Made More Simple

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We are still working on the Dirty Laundry Series and today, we're talking...dun, dun daaa...ironing.  Yucko, right?!  I used to hate ironing.  Seriously, loath it until I purchased a very good steam iron.  Now, I iron a lot more other things than I used to like napkins, pillow cases and even some t-shirts and jeans.

Depending on your drying method of clothes, ironing is sometimes necessary.  I found that when I hang my clothes outside to dry, I cut at least 1/4 of my ironing if not more.  Most tops and jeans come out nearly wrinkle free after hanging outside. My clothes go right from the line, onto hangers, then a rolling rack and eventually in the closet.  Never folded!

If you use a dryer, try using a less hot cycle and certainly get those clothes out of the dryer ASAP.  The longer they sit in there, the more winkled they will be.  There are APPS that will even remind you when the drying is finished.  Pretty awesome if ya need it.

The more clothes you can hang up, the less ironing you'll have to do. A rolling rack makes putting clothes away so easy as well.  It's a breeze for the kids to help out, too. Like most houses in Europe, closet space is seriously limited.  Most of us have stand alone closets and they usually are no where near the American size.

I used to have so many clothes that even though I ironed some garments, they would get more wrinkled in the cramped closet.  I'm learning to live with less and it's a huge burden off of my shoulder.  I still put winter garments in the attic and switch out two seasons worth of clothes for my husband and I.  We'll be speaking about the basic garments we should have on hand in a future edition of the Dirty Laundry Series.

Let's just focus on the irons themselves this time.

I did a touch of research and found some sites that give their top 10.  Tefal and Rowenta rank up at the top on most sites and I came across this super thorough report from The Sweeethome.  Find it here.


I went decades using a regular brand iron.  Never again!  I bought a Calor steam iron a couple of years ago and will never go back to a non steam iron.  OK, it costs nearly double the price, but you save an enormous amount of time and you can't seriously compare the results either.  I never have to use spray products to get rid of the wrinkles.  I was dumbfounded with the first use.

I went from hating ironing to dealing with it.  I put myself in front of the picture window, with my hanging rack in tow and knock out the week's worth of ironing every Monday afternoon.  If the kids are home, I iron with them around so we can talk about home work or watch TV together.  Two birds with one stone and makes ironing more tolerable.

I highly recommend a good steam iron.  It's worth the extra cost, for sure.

In the next Dirty Laundry  Series, we'll go into more detail about the ironing process and touch on settings, fabrics and trouble shooting.

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