Friday, July 10, 2015

The Princess Collection From The Cherry On Top With Free Cute Cards

Welcome to another scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.

I love buying Commerical Use products so that I can make freebies for the fans.  I thought it'd be so cool to make an entire collection and spread it out in pieces over a couple of months or even a year.  I got started on papers, elements, clusters, journal cards or cute cards as I call them here because sometimes they are not used for journaling and they don't have to be just for project life either.  Cute cards can be used anywhere for anything.  Hybrid projects if you like or as a tag for a gift.

Then I ran into quality control issues.  I bought a couple of different actions to help with jaggies and missing pixels, but I'm afraid my computer skills were not savvy enough.  So, now I'm stuck with hours of work that I can do nothing with.

Then I thought, the heck with it.  I'm making some goodies for the fans and since they are free, if they don't like the way they come out, then they don't have to use them.  Hehehe...  I printed out the cute cards and I thought they looked ok.

I just wanted to give you a warning.  If you have any tips on quality control, leave them in the comments. 

So, my aim is to make clusters, borders, stacked papers and some hybrids with the items that I've made.  Keep your eyes out for when they release.

Here are the cute cards with photo inserts.  Click on the preview to get the download.

 Free Cute Cards

These are the other cute cards.  You can use them hybrid or digital.   The preview is hooked up for you.

free cute cards download

This is an example on how you can use them.

Enjoy your freebies and happy scrapping!

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