Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Step By Step Scrapbooking Page Composition

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We are back with another step by step tutorial with some ideas for a page composition.  You can do this layout in any size album.  Keep the size of your pictures in mind for printing.  I printed my pictures myself, so I could make the photos exactly the size I needed them. 

In typical, Cherry fashion, we are using mostly hand made elements and keeping the look simple and the cost minimal.  Scroll through our step by step and get some tips to add to your repertoire.


This album is a 6x6.  I find I finish smaller albums a lot faster than 12x12.  They take up a lost less product and are also great if you don't have that many pictures.  If you a have loads of photos from a particular event, then 12x12 would be more suitable.

I composed this collage of photos from a German trip we took a few a years ago.  I kept the photos a tad smaller because my book is only 6x6.

Most of these goodies came from a Pizza Box Scrap at Tiny's Hobby in Kortrijk, Belgium.  They fill a pizza box full of coordinating goodies and we scrap our butts off all afternoon and this one was for an entire weekend!  How cool is that?!  Come and go as you like for two days and scrap with some seriously friendly and talented scrappy sisters.

I purchased this heavy, chipboard alum with 2 rings at Tiny's as well and got started papering the pages.  I don't always do it this way.  Sometimes I just go page by page, but I wanted to try it this way to see if my overall look of the album would be more cohesive.

Then I started playing with the placement of photos and liked this design.  A nice large photo at the bottom, of Treir Germany.  Then a long, skinny photo that slides behind the large photo like a tag in a pocket and the tiny photo taking up the blank space.

I think layers make a project look really finished and it's also a super way to incorporate more colours into your project, too.

The pictures will really pop with the black background on this bright yellow paper.  The rounded corners of the book will be matched up with rounded corners of the second base paper.  Then layer up those photos with more coordinating coloured papers.

I love these venire frames, but they stuck out a bit too much on my background so I softened it up a bit with some ink.  The dark brown is also a colour from the collection so it will fit great.
Use your finger to smudge the look in if you choose.

It's a pretty big difference and with the bordeaux backing, filling in my empty space behind the photo and making the hearts red.  I loved that! I also adhered my frame with a big, thick glue dot to give dimension and add attraction to the tiny photo.

The next step is the tag photo.  I backed it up on some coordinating paper and added a sticker tab to the top so you could pull the tag out with ease.  Besides, the image at the bottom of the photo isn't that special.  What do you do with the other side of the sticker?

Turn your tag over and apply a matching paper.  I'm using the bright yellow again.

I took my fussy cutting scissors and simply cut around the sticky side of the tab.  Voila!

I played a bit more with the exact placement of my layered photos before I committed with adhesive.

Don't forget to leave the top of your photo open if you are going to use it as a pocket.  I used really thin, double sided tape to make sure my tag had enough room in the pocket.

Here's a look at the dimension of my photo frame.  Pretty cool, eh?

I want to create a little corner cluster for my layout, but I don't have any leafy type embellishments that fit with this so I made my own.  See how simple it is?

Just sketch out the design you want, the size you want on the colour paper you need and cut it out with your fussy scissors.

I also added some tiny leaves.  This is it!  This tiny shape that's also easy to cut.

The flower came from the pizza box and the wooden button matched great with the venire frame and bike.  I added a touch of bling for some poppage and glam.  Three brown gems on my tag, two tiny red gems on the bike and two larger red gems on my cluster.  Balance and repetition are the way to go when designing a layout.

That is it for today.  I'll be back next week with another coordinating page from this album.  Last week I did a similar blog with a 12x12, kid themed layout.  Check it out here.

 step by step tutorial

Here is a our free hybrid project from Saturday.

 free printable

This is what is on tap for this Saturday.  Something sweet for dad.  It'll only take you a couple of minutes to make, it's personalised and it's really sweet. He'll love it!

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry!

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