Thursday, June 2, 2016

Throw Back Thursday with Aimee Harrison and Tips on How to Scrap Fast

Welcome to The Cherry's, Throw Back Thursday.

I've got some lovely scrappy inspiration from Aimee Harrison, tips on how to scrap fast and links to some awesome products and freebies.

I suppose I can't throw back too much further than this.  I believe that's me, pictured with my mom and her glorious hair and my dad before he got a beer belly.  Hehehe...

Fresh Air from Aimee Harrison is totally that.  Such a sweet, refreshing, natural feel to this collection.  I actually feel a bit of shame with this layout.  I put it together in under 10 minutes and I really love it.

Collections are a super way to scrap fast.  Who doesn't have 10 minutes to spare?  No excuses, now!  Hehehe...Let me explain how to scrap fast when using collections.

Look carefully at this layout.  There are a total of 11 pieces I used including the photo and the text.  That's it!  No wonder it goes so quickly.

Here are the 6 steps:

-On the very top layer are the clouds, copied and pasted.
-The second layer, from the top, is the awesome grungy border frame.  I love those!
-The third layer is the gorgeous border cluster on the left and main feature, next to the photo.
-The word art is part of the collection.  So, I only had to slide it in there.
-The tag is as is with the exception of the lettering.  I backed it up with the orange flower, white flower and the key.
-Add your picture and save!

That is how you scrap fast!  Many designers provide borders, clusters, word art and stacked papers that make scrapping simple and speedy.  So, if you don't scrap because you don't have time, this is an awesome alternative.

This picture was taken in Germany, last month.  We were looking at houses there.  This one had a lovely view of the Mosel River from the front of the house.

Fresh Air

This layout uses a template from Brenian Designs and Aimee's collection.  You can get a better idea of what's in it and see the lovely papers in action.  What a super template to show off this beautiful collection.  It will be released on June 10th.  Click here to see Bren's current templates.

That's me and my lovely sons.  My little guy is actually smiling for the camera!  A rare moment, indeed.

 fresh air

Here's a look at those fabulous borders in the collection. Put it down the middle, choose a side, top or bottom for placement.

 Fresh Air

These are all of the parts in Fresh Air.  That is a lot of goodies!

 Fresh Air

These are the stamps and the border frames or edges I used.  They are really super!

 Fresh Air

Pop over to Aimee's blog and check out more of her designs and grab some freebies while you are there.

Here's a sweet freebie from The Cherry and Aimee.  Enjoy!  It is for personal use ONLY.

 free quick page

Tomorrow, I'll have a free template for you!  See you then.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.

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