Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Simple Up Cycled Greeting Card

Welcome to The Cherry on top's, Traditional Tuesdays.

I've got a really easy up cycled card this week.  Have you been scrapping your holiday cards along with us?  If you're gauging Christmas's arrival by the weeks, you'll see there are not that many.  Try to do at least one card a week.  Our tutorials are so fast, easy and inexpensive, you'll be up for the challenge, no problem.

See how easy it can be!

Here is a card from last year.  It's a bit large and very nice.

Especially, the inside!

With just a little bit of script to cover and a lovely sentiment, makes this card perfect for recycling.  Choose a paper that matches the card.  Here the colours are not only perfect from my scrap, but it also has holly similar to the card's.

I eye balled how big my square should be to cover the writing on the card and marked it on the reverse of my coordinating paper with a pencil.  Then cut out the rectangular strip for our box lid, just slightly longer than the square.

Apply your square over the script.  If you use glue, you'll have more room to play and more room for error.  Hehehe...I used foam tape for my lid to give it dimension.

All we need to do now, is add the bow.  I used more coordinating colours to keep the look cohesive.

Use tiny, clear glue dots and fold over one end, to the middle...

then the other end...

leave a little extra for the top loop of your bow and fold it under, also with a glue dot.

Glue dots and glue guns work great to make bows like this.   With glue you'll have to wait for it to dry.

There we go!  Our third card is finished.

If you'd like to see the other two up cycled cards click here and here.

We'll be back with the tutorial for our recent page in our natural, fresh, simple and inexpensive mini album.

Thanks so much for joining us at The Cherry.  If you'd like to show off your lovely scrappy projects, join our group on Facebook.  We'd love to see what you're up to.

Happy scrapping!

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