Saturday, October 15, 2016

Boo Your Neighbours Free Printables from Paty Greif Digital Designer and The Cherry On Top


Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are getting you all ready for the upcoming, fun day.  We've been showing off all kinds of digital kits along with some lovely layouts to inspire you.  Hybrid ideas, we have a plenty along with freebies, too.

Today, I've teamed up with Paty Greif Digital Designer, again.  I used her kit, Bootiful Witch to design your "You've Been Boo'ed" printables.  Not sure to what I am referring?  Check out Pinterest for more great ideas and other ways to showcase your treats for your neighbours.

This first image is what gets put in the window or on the door to alert neighbours, that they have received a Boo box already.  This way your neighbour knows to look for other houses without a sign. Keep in mind, they won't all look like ours.

This is just a small print out to explain the process to your neighbour, in case they've never been "Boo'ed".

You don't have to use our handy, door hanger basket, but you can use it for many treat ideas.  Candy is often what folks use, but consider healthier or even non food items.  If ya know your neighbour loves to garden, consider seeds, gloves or bulbs.  Think about lip gloss, lip balm, temporary tattoos, coupons, travels size goodies, tea, coffee...Consider what your neighbour might enjoy.  Instead of our hanger, you can use a small bucket, plant pot or hang a pretty paper bag with our poem pasted to the front and a bow and or ribbon.

Here is a basic tutorial for the box, just in case you need it.

Download the three printables. (I changed the pocket.)

I find it easiest to cut across and then cut out the circle, but if you have a circle cutter or large hole punch, you can use that as well.  An Exacto knife would work, but it will leave you a ridged edge.

 Simply follow the dotted lines to fold.  I always recommend a soft fold.

I prefer to use a glue stick.  You get a bit of give and can match up your sides perfectly.  With wet, liquid glue, you'll have to wait longer, but it is still an option.

 This template provides you with some flexibility in the width of your favour.  Adjust it to your desire and adhere.  You could even use tape if that's all you have.  Tape will actually make your project a bit more rigid, too.

If you leave the slit I showed earlier, you can use your door hanger in other manners. Cut out the word art and glue it to the front of your pocket.

Tape over the slit on the back, if you don't want it.  It will also make your project a bit more sturdy.

The weight of paper you use will depend on what kind of goodies you are putting in the box.  The heavier your treat, the heavier your paper should be.

You may choose to right click and download on the images you want or click here for a zipped file of all three.

This is the collection, Bootiful Witch, I used.

 Bootiful Witch

Here are some more ideas I got from Pinterest.  Our Halloween board is pretty good.  Get inspired and get busy.

 Halloween on Pinterest

 Halloween On Pinterest

 Halloween On Pinterest

 Halloween on Pinterest

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry!

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