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Scrapbooking Freebies Every Friday

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

This Freebie Friday, I've got a tutorial, some new templates in the shop, inspiration, a peek at some freebies that will be available for iNSD and your favourite, links to freebies.

 Scatter templates

I've put a few new Commercial Use, layered templates in the shop.  I thought I'd show off the different ways you can change them up.  They are a super substitute when your favourite scrappy kit doesn't include scatter or you want to customise your scatter to fit your page perfectly.  Of course, if you are a template designer, you'll definitely want to add these to your stash.

Check out just a few ways you can alter the templates and start thinking how you are going to use them.

Hmm...I'll have to work on better images.  Thank goodness all of the crud from my computer screen doesn't show up!  Hehehe...  Let me explain...Bring up your template in your favourite scrap program that allows use of layers.

Choose the layer you wish to work on and if you like, add an effect.  I chose Mommyish beaded styles.  You get a neat glossy, 3D effect, totally changing the flatness of the template.  

There!  All three layers were layered using the chosen beaded effect.  You can see there are a lot to choose from in this style from Mommyish.

Many designers have glitters in their collections.  Some have glitter paper.  You can use either to pimp up your templates.  I used some glitter styles from Just So Scrappy.  This would look nifty on a Halloween themed page.

Back to more styles from Mommyish.  These were switched up by using felt styles.  There are six different styles to fit your desires.  I used two different ones to add more texture and dimension.  Consider adding some splatter underneath.  That would look super!

This scatter shows off more Mommyish styles.  This time puffy styles.  Look at all of the options!  18!  She's got a few different puffy styles in her shop to choose from. I think I have all of them.  Hehehe...

I recently bought some Water colour styles from Mommyish and couldn't wait to try them out.  There are 8 styles and I liked this one best.  You gotta love all of the choices and different ways to change up your templates.

Mommyish is my go to gal for Commercial Use goodies.  Especially, for styles.  If you want to try them out, head over to The Lilypad and check out the Free Commercial Use Club.  Then look through Leah's shop.  She has great promotions and tutorials.

These are cork board styles.  Look at all of that fantastic dimension and texture! My, what styles can do?!

Another style that's been in my stash that I just tried out are Kraft styles from AHartline.  They gave a nice, soft textural feel.  I used it for some papers in my freebie for Saturday's hybrid.  Come back tomorrow to grab those.

Check out how I use the templates.

 Clever Clusters Templates

I needed a variety of scatter to use in the templates I design for you and I wanted to be able to use them for Commercial Use as well.  I simply change out the colours when I use them like this.  Easy peasy!  If there are a few pieces of scatter you don't want, crop or use the marquee tool to ditch them.

I've got new, fabulous templates ready for you, but there is a catch.  They are FREE!  Hehehe...  Get these Cluster Queen templates for free when you purchase anything from our Kreative Design Studio shop at Etsy during iNSD weekend May 5th-May 7th.  I'll send them to you in a separate e-mail.

 heart scatter templates

Here are some more scatter I've got in the shop.  I used the plain hearts with red glitter.  They looked awesome!  Remember this one?  It's still live on the blog and it's free!

 free template

I've got a sneak peak for you!  Eek!  The Cherry is going to be one hot spot for International Scrapbooking Day.  Here are just a few of the freebies I'll be giving exclusively in various social spots.  There will be even more including full templates and hot freebies from other designers as well as kicking sales that don't get better than for iNSD.  Next Friday's blog is going to be epic!  Hehehe...I'll be offering a freebie from each designer I work with, sharing the links for their own freebies as well as their amazing promotions.

Make sure you are following us here, FacebookPinterest and Instagram.  You won't want to miss all of the action and fabulous free scrap stuff.

Have you seen our win it promotion from our shop?  I'd love to see what your favourite items are and maybe you'll win one, too!

These will be your freebie for tomorrow.  I've got some recycled jars I use for tea that I need to label. We'll see you here, tomorrow too!

Let's move on to the freebies that are now available.

 free kit from Designs By Helly

If you are a fan of The Cherry's page on Facebook, then you may have seen this fabulous freebie.  It's all linked up to Design By Helly's blog.  You certainly won't want to miss that one.  I have no idea how long it will be live.

 freebie from Eudora Designs

How is this for a gorgeous freebie?  Eudora often has fabulous freebie that we share with you.  You might seem them posted if you follow our Pinterest board, Free Digi Scrap Stuff.  If you missed this one, check for more.

My Scrappy Sister Andrea, recently shared this fabulous freebie in our group.  I downloaded it just the other day and haven't tried it out yet.  It's been available for quite awhile.  You may want to check your stash to make sure you don't already have it, but I thought it was well worth sharing.

Here are the latest Commercial Use freebies you can find at The Lilypad.  From Just Jamie and...

...Mommyish.  I think I'm all caught up.  I post them to our Free CU board on Pinterest.  Hop over there and check out some other freebies you may not have.

One thing I have to give all of our wonderful readers is, your patience.  Hehehe...Our blogs are often a bit lengthy, but we hope all of this inspiration, free stuff and overall content is worth it.

See you tomorrow for Hybrid Saturday.  If you missed, I posted my last page in that purse mini along with all of the pages, in one spot for our Traditional Tuesday blog.  Scrap fast, inexpensively and beautifully with The Cherry On Top.

 Mini pages with Webster's

Happy scrapping!

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