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Finished Mini Photo Reel Scrapbooking Album and Other Hybrid Projects

Whoo hoo!  Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've finished up another fun project.  This is our mini, photo reel scrapbooking album.  The first part of this blog can be found, here.  There you'll see how to get your photos in the reels and where you can find these handy photo reel templates, too.

This project can be done traditionally, digitally or hybrid style and I've done them all.  Traditionally, it is a very challenging project and it takes a lot of time.  If you like faster results, consider hybrid and digital.  Have your album professionally printed or do it all at home, like I did for this album.

This is a bit of a hybrid style project.  I did all of the photo reels digitally in my scrapbooking program, Photo Shop Elements.  Keep reading to see more of this project as well as other recent hybrid projects that might be just perfect for you.  We've also got a few links to the freebies that go with them.

All in it's glory!  My finished mini of a fantastic trip we took to Landal Parks in The Netherlands about 6 years ago.  I thought I'd send it to my mom, but now that it is finished, I'm not sure.  Hehehe...I really love that I have ALL of these photos of such a fun time in one small, book.

If you need to see how we came to this point, click here and start from the beginning.

I printed out all of my scrapped templates and decided to add journaling on the back of each page.  You can do that also either digitally, like this or write it in if you prefer.  

I used coordinating papers from the same kit, Heartstrings Scrap Art's, Girls and Boys.  I like when my albums are well coordinated.

Take a close look.  I wanted to include some tips about cutting and outlines.  I mentioned them in the first part of this blog as well.  Sometimes the outlines look really great and help with contrast.  Outlines can also be great when you need to cut.  However, if you don't use outlines on all of your pages, when you go to cut out your circles, they might not all back each other perfectly.  Consider this when using outlines around the edge of your page.  The inside won't matter.

I used freehanded cutting with good paper scissors to cut out my circles.  Remember, move the paper and not the scissors for the best results.  I wanted to show the white edging on some of my pages.  The one on the right is perfect.  The only one.  Hehehe... All of the rest have a bit or a lot of extra, white edging.  Here are a few things you can do about that:

Cut off the excess.  Keep in mind, the page behind it and often, you lose the  nice shape of your circle.

Just leave it!  Hehehe...If you can centre one page nicely in the centre of the white.  It will look fine.

Ink it.  Use a stamp pad and gently rub or dab all around both sides of your page until the white is gone.  If you do this, you may want to consider using it on all of your pages.

I did suggestion one and two and think the result looks just great.

I totally recommend using different scissors to cut your laminate.

I got two circles in one sheet of laminate.  Yay!

I always think that the laminate makes my images look so much brighter.  Laminate will give your project a touch of water resistance and make it more rigid.  It might also add to the preservation of your photos, but I'm not sure about that one.  It's just something I considered.

I used my tiny hole punch after deciding exactly where to punch.  Then I used the page before as a template on where to punch in the next page.  If you use the same hole over and over it will be larger than the rest.  Consider images when you are planning and make sure the hole isn't interfering with some important detail.

I used a tiny, metal ring that matched fantastically with my album and I still had some circular embellishments from years ago that also coordinated.

Here's the other side and all of the journaling.  I'm terrible at journaling.  I used a larger font and simply centered each line in the circle.  Journaling is important!  I know!  Especially, with such terrible memory as mine.  I always appreciate any journaling later and you will, too.  So, dust do it!

 Hybrid Scrapbooking

I can't tell ya enough.  You have to print.  I've heard so many sob stories about people losing all of their photos.  You can't put all of your eggs in one basket.  I recently posted about printing from home, in the size you need and simply slipping your pretty pages into the sleeves of a traditional mini.  Printing from a professional place might give you better quality and you will pay for it.

I always thought that digital was still a lot cheaper than traditional.  All of those products costs a lot of money and I could never afford to make pages as lovely as my digital ones, traditionally.  All of those gorgeous coordinating elements would cost me a fortune!  Click on the above image to see the tutorial.

 hybrid project

Here's another quick and simple hybrid project I blogged a little while back.  These are magnets.  Just a pretty frame, your favourite photo and a premade cluster from a designer like Aimee Harrison Designs.  Laminate, slap some magnet tape on the back and you've got a pretty project, fast.  The image is linked up to the tutorial.

My son recently had a birthday at a pizza joint where we invited the entire family.  I designed some place cards for on the table and...

An invitation that I sent around digitally.  Saved on stamps and envelopes!  Hehehe...

 Free Book Marker

These book markers were way, too easy.  I used Aimee Harrison Designs' premade borders.  All I had to do was get them set up on a document in just the right size, print, cut and laminate.  What a nifty gift made inexpensively and fast.  To get the free book marker, click on the image.

 Free Printable labels

I also designed some labels you can find free on the blog.

Here is another free printable from yesterday's blog!

There sure are a lot of things you can print from your digital scrapbooking stash.

I hope we've inspired you, today.

Happy scrapping!

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