Saturday, May 6, 2017

Love For Layout Templates Roll Of Scrapbooking Freebies for International Scrapbooking Day

Welcome, Blog Train and Template Lovers.

What a very exciting weekend at hand with iNSD (interNational Scrapbooking Day) and all of these blog trains on top of that!  Things are going to be insane at The Cherry.  You like crazy, right?!  Sure ya do!  Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.  Hehehe...  We can get a bit coo coo when it comes to scrapbooking and especially, scrapbooking freebies.

You are certainly going to want to follow The Cherry on the road to scrapbooking madness and mayhem throughout this weekend.  Dozens of free templates and other fabulous scrapbooking freebies will be given throughout the weekend along with the most inspiring pages in DigiLand.  We will also be keeping you up to date on some of the hottest sales and promotions, challenges and freebies throughout all of DigiLand.  Stay closely tuned and you'll be pimping up your digital stash by epic proportions!  Hehehe...

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Here's your peep at most of the templates in this particular hop.

And here is the one The Cherry is contributing.

This template is no longer free!  Make sure you are following us or receiving our newsletter so you don't miss out!

Check out what The Cherries have done with this template and take a look see on how templates can be changed and modified to fit your needs as well as drag more life out of older templates.

Above is my youngest all scrapped up just using the grouping in the middle and utilising the concept of a splayed array of elements mostly to the left of the page.  Fly Me To The moon from Heartstrings Scrap Art is the kit.

Many template users take their templates literally and that's fine, too.  Magalie made such a beautiful page and really stuck to the template as well.  Magical, eh?  Lovely Flowers Perline and Patscrap.

Pennymiscellany has some awesome freebies on her blog and Hilary went to town with them for her absolutely fantastic page!

Theresa loves Kim Cameron as much as I do!  She used Farm Living.  She also took the aspects of the template that worked for her and totally changed it up.

 free template

If templates are 'yo thang, then click on the preview and get the one from Monday.

 Free cluster from Throwing Some Scraps Around

Check out the great sales and free with purchase Jodi's shop!

 Throwing Some Scraps Around Free with Purchase

This beautiful border was designed with Throwing Some Scraps Arounds newest release, Looking Back.  You can hopefully get the freebie in our group for the Flash Freebies, today.

 Freebie from made by keuntje

 Made By Keuntje

Here's another Flash Freebie given today and sponsored by Made By Keuntje.  Find it in our group.  It will be Pinned at the top if all goes well and I remember all of this stuff.  Hehehe...

 Kreative Design Studio

Favourite our shop, heart your favourite items and maybe you'll win one of them!

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