Tuesday, October 17, 2017

From Digital Scrapbooking Page to a Traditional Page, Part II

Welcome to Traditional Tuesday with The Cherry On Top.

Last week, we showed you how to utilise a digital template from Lissy Kay Designs to make it traditional style.  Click here to go and see how the first part is done.

This is what you'll get after following the first installation.  There are several different ways you can play with this nifty frame.  I would totally do this digitally because it's faster and a lot easier.  The next step I'd do is fill in all of the backgrounds of this frame, print and then scrap traditionally on top of that.  It would be a lot faster and easier.

If you're going hard core, this is how you can approach the task.

Print out the frame once you've ditched the rest of the template.  Remember, you can do this with any digital template and use it over and over.

You can decide if you want to work on top or behind the frame.  making it a frame if placed on top or a mat if placed on the bottom.  Both would work but give your page an inconsistent look.

Because the lines are so nice thick and dark, it's easy to trace!  

See how I turned it into a cut out template?  Didn't take long at all.  Trace these designs onto your desired paper.  Remember!  Hehehe...Remember to trace on the right side of your paper so that it comes out right and not the opposite.  I do that ALL of the time!

Those thick lines will give you some room for error and imperfections.  A cutting machine would be a very easy way to cutout these shapes and insert your own.  All digital templates come in a png form which works in most, new cutters.

So, we've given you several examples on how to approach the next step.  You're off to a great start!  We'll be back with the finishing touches and the rest of the tutorial.

Make sure ya check out Scrapbook.com and Cricut to make totally awesome pages easily and quickly.  They have top quality products and customer service.  Make them a part of your scrapbooking repertoire.

Happy scrapping!