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Scrapbooking Inspiration, New Templates, Freebies and a Big Sale

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got such an awesome blog, today!  It's packed full of page inspiration, new releases from some of your favourite designers, new templates, free stuff and a sale announcement.  Because this blog is SO long, I'm peppering it with freebies and links to freebies.  Pay attention!  Hehehe...

That's right!  Kreative Design Studio is on SALE at 50% off.  You can finally check out your basket for our final sale of the year.  Even our newest templates are in the promotion.

Circlicious templates are our newest edition in the Etsy shop.  In usual Cherry fashion, these templates are awesomely versatile.  Use them for any theme, subject matter or photos you have in mind.  Balanced, layered and clustered up to perfection.  Your pages are going to be gorgeous!

 Circlicious templates

Check out the awesome pages from myself and my amazingly talented Creative Team.

Tammy is an absolute star.  Just look at her fabulous page.  I've got the kit and designer names at the bottom of each image, if you are interested.

 circlicious templates
Circlicious templates and Cozy on Up from KimB and Amber Shaw

Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around is working her magic with our new templates and her new collection, Autumn Joys.  I'm loving all of this texture.  Aren't you?!

 Circlicious Templates

I just can't stay away from Paty Greif's collections.  They are beyond fabulous.  This one is a bit older, but it's so fab.  A touch of whimsy and imagination makes for one sensational page.  That's my oldest 10 years ago.  He never used to sleep in the car.  These are probably the only two times he did.  Hehehe...Even on our two day trips to Spain, he doesn't sleep!

Check out how we've used the Circlicious templates.  Tammy showed off several of her designers beautiful papers in the individual circles, while I used the same one in mine.  It makes it look a bit less busy if you have paper that doesn't well blend well.  Tammy's papers blend magically so it totally works for that page.

 Circlicious Templates
Circlicious templates and Dazzling Dreams from Paty Greif

I can't resist scrappy my beautiful nieces.  We have such a blast when they spend time the family. This one is an absolute angel.  She gets on splendidly with my sons and turns and heads of the young lads, too.  Hehehe...

So many scrappy sisters have commented how these templates will look great for music and album themed pages and I couldn't agree more, but as you can see from all of these pages, it's not requirement.  Hehehe...

I'm using Aimee Harrison's new collection, Indian Summer.  I was all over these gorgeous colours and Aimee is definitely a top paper maker so I knew her collection would work with my templates.  I like this pop of black with the bright and Aimee's word art is SO awesome.  I used it as an embellishment for this cluster.

 Circlicious Templates

 Indian Summer

Cindy did use the record concept on her fabulous page and colours definitely top it off.  What a super looking kit, too.  A great combination!

 Circlicious Templates
 Circlicious Templates and Back Stage Pass from Bella Gypsy

Michal also scrapped a lovely page using Jump Start Designs new kit, Autumnlicious.  How perfect a fit is that?!

 Circlicious Templates
Circlicious templates and Autumnlicious from Bella Gypsy

Jodi's used our DSD freebie for this absolutely beautiful page with our new templates!  Keep scrolling to see this weekend's freebie!  See how she used her papers?  It makes the page flow so nicely and it isn't too busy either.

 Circlicious Templates
Circlicious Templates and Friday's freebies

Jump over to our store and take advantage of our final sale of the year!

 Kreative Design Studio

Here are a few of goodies in the shop that might interest though.  The ENTIRE shop is on sale.
Each preview is linked up to the shop for easy reference.

 Hip2bsquare templates Falling Templates
 The Basics Templates
 Dog Daze Elements
 Trolla Bolla Elements
Trolla Bolla papers and embellishments are sold separately.

 PuurFect Scrapbooking Elements
The PuurFect Collection is also ALL sold separately.

I've got a few new pages to show off using our Falling templates.

This one is mine using Aimee Harrison's stunning collection, October's Opal.  I wanted to use the titles in the templates.  They are so handy when titles and journaling isn't your thing.

Magalie's pages are always extraordinary and I love seeing her beautiful daughters and their adventures, too.

 Falling Templates
Falling Templates and Moos Under The Fall Sunshine

Hilary is killing our templates!  She's like me and goes back to older templates she loves like our popular, Men In Mind templates.  These are really fantastic when you don't want to use flowers, but your not sure what else the heck to use.  Hehehe...I love the challenge, myself, but with our templates, there is no challenge.  With templates, you can even use our shapes for your pages.

 Men In Mind Templates
Men In Mind Templates from The Cherry and Galactic Geek from Clever Monkey Graphics

These project life kind of styled templates make scrapbooking really, really fast and easy.  I love that.  Especially, when you scrap as much as I do.

 Simple Pages
Simple Pages templates from The Cherry and Galactic Geek from Clever Monkey Graphics

I've designed a free template for Kim Cameron Designs October challenge in the fan group on Facebook.  You can click on this image to get there and get the template and join the challenge.  You don't have to use the template.

 free template for Kim Cameron Fans

Kim Cameron Designs is going crazy in her shops throughout DigiLand.  She's got so many new items for just $2 as well as BYOC deals. (Build your own collection.  Now, I know!  Hehehe...)

 Binge Watching templates

I've been scrapping Kim's goodies like crazy.  I'm SO glad I love her design!  Hehehe...  I'm not a big TV person, but I did see the potential of these templates and kit for photos that would totally work.  Check out how I used them with a spin.

 Binge Watching templates and kit

Change the wording so it fits your needs.  I used the marquee tool to get rid of the word "episode".  It's just a few steps and it's gone.  If ya don't know how to do this, I just so happened to make a video showing how to use the marquee tool.  Check it out!

I took all of those yummy treat embellishments and voila!  A super messy, cute page using a template and kit with a totally different theme in mind.

Just think, once you get rid of the TV, all of the things you could do with this template!  I love that TV, though!  Hehehe...

 Binge Watching

I changed the wording again to make the template fit with Kim's other kit, Owl Be Reading.  Instead of using a book related photo, I did this.  No photos and a short list of my top favourite books.  Not easy!  I'm an avid reader, but I am a picky one.

 Owl Be Reading

 Owl Be Reading

I'm so in love with my next page and that little cutie, too.  Hehehe...It's Kim's new kit, Wake Me Up and Aimee Harrison's Patterns A Plenty templates.  It all just flowed right into place, but when ya have just the right papers, it all looks super, quickly.

 Wake Me Up
Wake Me UP from Kim and Patterns A Plenty from Aimee Harrison Designs

I used a twist, again.  I'm not a coffee drinker.  If I drink even a sip, my heart goes a pitty patter for hours and I'm already an out of control ball of energy!  Hehehe... I'm like a stumbling, bumbling tornado when I have caffeine!  hehehe...

 Wake Me Up

Yes!  Yet more goodies from Kim Cameron!  Hehehe...  I'm totally loving this chic twist of Halloween.  Even if you're not crazy about the holiday, it's still gorgeous for other themes.

 Midnight Pumpkins

The templates and kit is Kim's. I'm always a fan of those star burst backgrounds.  They draw all of the attention to the photo.

 Midnight Pumpkins

 Eekably Cute templates
These templates are part of the BYOC deals at D&D.  When you spend a certain amount of $$$ you'll get free stuff.  I use Kim's Commercial Use template all of the time in my templates.  I've used these as well for a free template coming very soon.  Hint...hint...

 Spooky Silhouettes

This is ALL free when you sign up for the right newsletters.  I've got my eye on that fabulous 60's looking kit.  The preview is linked up to Daisies and Dimples newsletter sign up.  Kim's freebies look amazing, too.  Her newsletter link sign up is below the preview.

 newsletter sign up Daisies and Dimples
Sign up for Kim's newsletter by clicking on the above preview.

You'll also want to keep your eyes peeled for Kim's Zombie Run!  This is done in her Facebook Group.  Join us over there.  I do the monthly challenges and Octobers' is going to be pretty cool.  Look a bit further for the freebie for October.

 Kim Cameron's Fan Group

Moving on to MagsGraphics!  She's got two new, awesome collections in her shops.  This first one is Haunted.  I love the traditional colours and that witch!  I've designed this title or word art and she's going to have it for free in her Facebook Group where you can grab it.  Keep those eyes peeled for it.

Is the template not wicked?!  Like totally wicked?!  You bet your pretty little bum it is!  made By Keuntje is going to spoil you for DSD.  Are you catching my drift?  You will definitely want to stay tuned to Made By Keuntje for Digital Scrapbooking Day, this coming weekend.

Howl-O-Ween Templates from Made By Keuntje and Haunted from Maggie


Eek!  I LOVE, LOVE theselittle monsters in Maggie's new Little Monsters kit.  They are so darn cute.  I thin I used nearly all of them in this page.  Hehehe...  I used a nifty glow effect on my ghost to match the glow of the eyes on Maggie's paper.  I also used an eyeball from one of Maggie's bellies to put on my ghost.  It's also a part of Made By Keuntje's super templates.

I dig this close up shot of my little guy, though a touch on the scary side, it's his happy face.  hehehe...

Little Monsters
Howl-O-Ween Templates from Made By Keuntje and Little Monsters from Maggie

 Little Monsters from MagsGraphics

Are ya still with me?  This is getting really, really good!  I'll be offering these two coordinating mini's in my newsletter and in my group on Facebook for free.  Make sure you are receiving the newsletter and that you're in our fun, scrappy group.  You can do that right here, at the top of the blog, or via our Facebook Page.

 Freebie in the Facebook Group

I told you Made By Keuntje was going to spoil you.  She's offering CHERRY FANS this unbelievably fantastic 50% discount on her Commercial Use goodies.  I thought they were already an awesome price!  Use that code, MBK-CU-50 to get these and other wonderful Commercial Use products.  I'm loving her new patterned papers.  Commercial Use products can also be used for your own Personal Use.  I used a few of her patterned papers in my new freebies.  Check them out in the above previews.

If you're a fan of Commercial Use, like me, check out LouCee Creations shop at SugarHillCo.  She's been designing Commercial Use for a long time and she's got more, new goodies in the shop.

 Lou's Shop at Sugarhillco

You know I'm not going to make you read through this entire blog without having a treat for you.  Check out these freebies around DigiLand AND I'm offering a free template that was exclusively for newsletters recipients, for a limited time.  If you're not signed up for the newsletter, your missing out.

 free template
This was originally for newsletter recipients.  Make sure it isn't already in your downloads.

This template coordinates with the other.  Did you get this one from the blog?

 Free Template

You might have them both so check your stash.

This gorgeous mini is from Throwing Some Scraps Around.   You'll find it in her group on Facebook.  It's been there for a little bit, so make sure it's not already in your downloads.  You may have to scroll a bit to get to it.

 free mini

Dana's made a beautiful page with it!

You can also find this beauty in the group.

 Free Quick page

The Lilypad is having a hop that's live until October 5th.   You can still grab the goodies if you haven't already.  It's pretty awesome!

 Lilypad's hop of freebies

Shoo!  Thank you for going through all of that.  I hope it was worth your while.  Feeling inspired?  Ready to get scrapping?  You've got tons of free stuff to scrapbook, now.  Enjoy Digital Scrapbooking Day and don't forget to take advantage of our shop's SALE.  After you've scrapped, share your page here or in our group on Facebook.  I'd love to see what you do.

Happy scrapping!

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