Tuesday, February 27, 2018

52 Reasons #3 Free Printable For Your Mini Album

Welcome to The Cherry on Top.

We are on Reason #3 this week.  Click on the preview below to download reason #3 card AND another card for a photo or more journaling if you prefer.

I'm hoping to get back here with a few pictures to show you how mine is going so far.  I'm still consider binding ideas, too.  I want to furnish you with as many options as possible.  So far, I'm digging the very large metal rings, but want to investigate further.  

If you like Project Life, it would be pretty nifty in that style, too. 

Definitely make sure you print in best quality and if you have the option, gloss or semi gloss paper for the best results.  

I plan on adhering my pages back to back and will have to round the corners of the cover card.  Bit of a brain fart, there.  Hehehe...You could use a square format if you choose by either cutting into the cards and making them into a square shape OR modifying the cards in a software program like Photoshop Elements by adding another layer, behind the card, in a coordinating colour and forming that layer into your desired shape.

 free 52 reasons printable

If you missed reason #1 and #2, no worries.  I'll be sure to give all of the links or images so you can join us at any time and not miss out.

If you ever have questions about our projects, you can easily have them addressed in our Cherry Group on Facebook.

Thanks for popping over to The Cherry and as always, happy scrapping.