Tuesday, February 13, 2018

52 Reasons Why I Love You Free Printables, Scrapbook Along With Us

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm on yet another fantastic endeavour.  Let's see if I can keep up with this one, too.  I hope I'm not over doing it.  All of these ideas!

Years ago, I found an awesome project someone did with playing cards.  They used metal rings to bind the cards together and added all of these reasons they loved their loved ones.  I really wanted to do this ever since I saw the project.  So here it is and we can do it together!

Each week or so, I'll post a free printable.  You download, cut and mash together and add photos in the spots where directed or however you like.  By next year, our nifty mini album will be all finished and ready to give to whomever you choose.

I'm going for a book for all three of my guys.  You can make one for your friends, mom and dad...anyone you love with all of your heart.

 Free printable download

I've already designed several pages in the series.  I'll keep the colours the same and keep the overall look similar to what you see here for cohesion and one awesome book once we've finished it up.  Try to keep up so you don't get too far behind.

If you think of something lovely to say, pop over to our scrappy group on FB and share it with me by tagging me and we'll see if it makes the cut.  52 things is a lot!  Hehehe...

I really hope you'll scrap along with us!

Here is your first download.  It is the title page and another page, that you're meant to glue back to back.  On the next download, you'll get another 2 cards.  One with something nifty and the other side for you to glue back to back and add a photo that might go with the saying?  It's up to you.

I'll be back with photos of the project as it progresses.

Thanks for hanging out with The Cherries!