Friday, November 22, 2019

Free Printable Calendar for 2020, New Digital Scrapbooking Templates with an Artistic Flair and Fabulous Page Inspiration

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got a huge sale going on in our Etsy shop, Kreative Designs Studio.  We've also got new templates in the GingerScraps shop with coordinating layout inspiration, of course.  I've got page love from other designer's new goodies and a free printable calendar for you. I've even got a couple or recipes throughout.  Don't ya just love the Friday blog?!

 Awesome Edges Templates

I really like artistic style pages, though I don't think I'm all that great at designing them.  It's not always easy removing yourself from your comfort zone and trying new things.  If you want to try the waters of artistic scrapbooking, these templates might be just what you need to get started.  I've included a lot fo paint, scatter, splatter, edges...some of the basics of what's needed to get an artistic or mixed media feel in your projects and pages.  I find these colors so rejuvenating.

 Awesome Edges Templates
Awesome Edges Templates/Optimism Papers/Optimism Ellies

Without even thinking, I used our Optimism Collection for a few pages.  I knew there were a lot of artistic style goodies in there and again, the colors just breathe life into my layouts.

This collection along with 5 other kits and collections are on sale for 50% off in the Kreative Design Studio through the end of the month.  So you have plenty of time to check them all out and grab the ones that tickle your fancy.  I've got soft and pretty, lean and mean, dark and dramatic as well as whimsical and fun. If you were to buy them all, you'd have everything covered!

 Awesome Edges Templates

I had my boys in mind when I designed Optimism.  They both have Autism in very differentiating degrees.  We have our dark days, but I always stay focused on the bright ones.  Don't forget!  You get a free template in each kit or elements packbesides the Celebrate collection.

 Kreative Design Studio

I'll share a few more pages with these kits and collections that are on sale further down in the blog.  I'm going back to our new templates, Awesome Edges.

 AwesomeEdges Templates

 Awesome Edges Templates
Awesome Edges Templates/JoCee Designs

 Awesome Edges Templates

Awesome Edges Templates

 Awesome Edges Templates
Awesome Edges Templates and Graphia Bella goodies

 Awesome Edges Templates

 Awesome Edges Templates

I love an opportunity when I can scrap my own templates with my designer friend's goodies.  Cherry Scraps scrapped up Throwing Some Scraps Around new, Country Christmas kit and so did I.

 Throwing Some Scraps Around Country Christmas

My little cutie at Christmas.  He's not always so willing to be photographed.  Definitely a special moment.  Sorry for the messy mouth.  I'll admit, that even at 13 (on Saturday!) his mouth is still often messy.  We made our own spreadable chocolate yesterday and I had to giggle when I saw his face after cleaning up the kitchen.  Hehehe...Just melt some chocolate in heavy cream, keep stirring until it's all melted then put it in the refrigerator.  It's SO easy!

 EZ2Luve Templates

My gal Lou has a beautiful kit out in her shop at GingerScraps. I used my EZ2 Luv templates with it.  I so love these colors.  Not at all a reflection of the colors that I'm looking at presently.  GREY!  GREY!  GREY!  My on going joke is that Crayola should name a crayon, Belgian Grey.  Hehehe...

You might be like us, living in a place where we don't celebrate Thanksgiving.  Besides being thankful everyday for all we have, I have very few photos of huge turkeys and dinner spreads so I take all of the other aspects off theme from kits with a Thanksgiving theme.  You can do the same!

 Re Planned Templates

Aimee Harrison designed a collection that went perfect with my new adventure of making grape juice with our delicious grapes we grow in Germany.  My Re Planned templates were also a perfect fit.  I love when it all comes together like that.  The dark blue in the collection matched my grapes so perfectly, they look PhotoShopped!  Hehehe...We were so surprised how easy it was.  Pluck, wash, throw in the special pot you see pictured, add water, stir occasionally and after about 40 minutes, pour the delicious nectar in a resealable bottle.  Perfection and delicious!  The apple juice was also awesome.  We didn't have to peel or anything! Maybe this is something for you to try?

 Day At The Spa

JoCee Designs has a new kit out, Day At The Spa.  I knew right away what to scrap with that.  My husband's aunt has her own beauty shop for many, many years.  She did my nails and gave me one of those spray on tans for my wedding.  She sometimes does my toes when we go on vacation together.  She's just a star and an awesome role model.

 In Stitiches Templates

Our gal Susie just scrapped up this page with our In Stitches templates and Tracey's new goodies.  Check out the way she used the turkey inspired kit.  This page is so, so cute!

Here's your free calendar.  I stayed away from seasons so that no matter what hemisphere you live in, the calendar applies.  I designed nearly all of the goodies myself.  Just a few pieces from GS Creations, DesignCuts and Creative Fabrica.  I plan on making a few sticker sheets with them and putting them in the Kreative Design Studio.  Keep your eyes out for them!

 Free Calendar for 2020

Use our calendar as a desk top or print it out.  I'm going to bind mine by punching holes at the top, where I left some space and use some pretty brads to hold it all together.  You could also put it on a clipboard and even hang it up.

If you need more ideas check these out.

This image is linked up to a blog where I made a hybrid calendar using goodies from Dagi-Licious.  There are alternative binding ideas pictured, here too.

 Calendar Ideas

Just a simple clip can do the trick and if you use heavier paper, it will even stand up on its own.  Maybe shrink up your calendars to save space?  I could even hang up my calendar by that clip.

If you wanted to do something for Christmas, advent style, I've got this blog with a free template and tutorial on how to make something like this.

 DIY Advent Calendar

Here are a few pages using the collections that are on sale.  I hope you'll take advntage of these great savings.  I am not putting the Kreative Design Studio on this good of a sale for Cyber Week.  Hint, hint...and you can't find my kits and collections at GingerScraps.  There really is no better time than now to get the One Word Wonders at this price.

A lovely page with Woebegone and our Day of the Dead templates.


This is the dark and light side of Serendipity.



This is from the Sumptuous kit, our best seller!



Here's a few pages with Ethereal.  Also a good seller.



And of course from the Celebrate collection.

 A Reason To Celebrate

A Reason To Celebrate

 A Reason To Celebrate

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry.  I bet we've inspired you, today.  If you have further questions, send us an e-mail or pop over to our group.  We'd love to see ya there!

Happy scrapping!