Friday, November 8, 2019

Oops! Templates New In The Shop, Freebies, Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration and More

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got another new set of templates in the GingerScraps shop and yes!  The shop is still on sale at 40% off and YES!  The new templates are also 40% off.  Lucky you!  I've got page inspiration for you, a friend of mine is also opening in a new shop and I've posted several freebies so keep on scrolling to see it all.

 oops templates

 oops templates

The new templates are so, so fun.  I'm a bit of a recovering perfectionist.  I like things at 45 degree angles and very neat.  Though, I'm beginning to learn that most of the time it really doesn't matter that everything is perfect and in place and that sometimes it really doesn't have to be done right then and now.  Shoo!

These templates are a demonstration that not everything has to be at 45 degrees and you can really leave a mess sitting about.  If someone doesn't like it, they can lump it.  Hehehe...I just wish my mother would read my blog and take my advise. Ha!

 oops templates
Oops!  Template from tcot and Home Sweet Home from JoCee

This first page is mine and I used JoCee Designs new kit, Home Sweet Home.  Aren't the colors just fantastic?  These are pics of our vacation home that I wish was our permanent home, but I guess ya can't have it all.  There is a coordinating freebie.  Keep reading to find out how to get it.

 oops templates
Oops!  Templates from TCOT and Paula Kesserling

Look at all of this gorgeous texture in Cindy's page.

 oops templates

Jarmila made a delicious page.  Anyone else hungry?

 oops templates

One of our top scrappers, Jenni is rocking the templates, yet again and with a fabulous kit, too.  More awesome colors, beautiful ladies and total gorgeousness.

 oops templates
Oops! templates from TCOT and Antebellum Press

I don't know what the weather is like where you live, but Ngoc's page is just what I need.  I've hardly seen the sun all week and this page is just the fresh breath of color that I needed.

oops templates
Oops!  Templates from TCOT and a mix of goodies

I cannot imagine how long it must have take Kim to design her page.  Look at all of her babies.  I'd like to joke that she's just one cat short of crazy cat lady status, but I'm sure she's exceeded that.  Hehehe...She's just a lovely kitty lover, taking on a lot of kitties that need care and a good home.  I plan on having a fund raiser for her and her kitties.  If you are interested give me a shout.

Oops!  Templates from TCOT and JoCee Designs

I wish I would have done this blog, as usual, in the morning during breakfast so I wouldn't keep getting hungry looking at the ladies pages.

I'm on to show you some more of our new templates from last week and the grand opening at GingerScraps with new pages.

 Touched Templates

Awe, just look at my two cuties.  Do you recognize the kit or template?  It's my Touched templates.  The CT's favorite pack and again, Clever Monkey Graphics collection, Boy, Oh Boy.  Yes, I went back again and scrapped with it.  I just love it.

 A Reason To Celebrate

Here is our Reason To Celebrate #1 template pack.  This is not new to TCOT, but it is new to GingerScraps so check your stash and take advantage that it's on sale at 40% off.

 Creative Beast templates

Now here's a template that you may not have seen in awhile.  It's Creative Beast.  We had this in the Scrappy Sisters shop and I didn't put it back in the Kreative Design Studio.  So if you didn't get it the first time around, now is your chance.

 Creative Beast

Do you remember Luscious Layers?  It is still in our Etsy shop and now it's in the GingerScraps shop, too and yip.  Also on sale.  This was a really popular template.  Make sure you don't already have it in your stash.

 Luscious Layers

If you liked our torn style templates, we've got another pack for you.  This is our fourth pack in this style so if you are like many others and are a fan of these, look for Strip Tease, 1, 2, 3, I'm Torn and these.

 Peek A Boo Templates

Piece By Piece templates was my favorite pack.  Cherry has made a delicious page of it!

Revel In Ribbons Templates

Revel In Ribbons is another pack of really popular templates from the Kreative Design Studio and it's now also in GingerScraps and it's on sale, too.  Double check your purchases that you don't already have it.  Give us a shout if you want to be sure.

 tag your it templates

 Hilary also played with Boy, Oh Boy again and our Tag!  You're It! templates.

 Revel In Ribbons Templates

More from Revel In Ribbons.

 Strip Tease #1 templates

 This is from set #1 of the Strip Tease collection,  Pretty awesome, right?!

 Whimsical Templates

Ngoc and our little cutie is making our Whimsical templates look pretty darn good.

Just one more week of this great promotion.  I'd love to see you at the new shop, but don't forget where it all started, Kreative Design Studio on Etsy.  I'm not putting any of our scrapbooking collections in GingerScraps for awhile and we've got printables, cuttables and all kinds of other goodies at KDS. Just like our One Word Wonders kits.  This was our last one, Woebegone.  The colors are so dramatic and the pages have been coming out so beautiful.

Woebegone Elements and Papers

Don't forget, when you purchase the elements, you will receive the template for free.


We've got up the November challenge in our group.  Get the free download for November and any other month you missed.  They are only going to be there through December and they will be gone.

 FB group

I mentioned that a designer friend of mine is opening a new shop.  It's Rachelle from Bits N' Pieces.  I've featured her on the blog several times.  If you need some refreshing here ya go.

I use her goodies for my wall and profile pictures, often.



Man!  I just got a pretty short haircut and when I see this picture, I'm missing those longer locks.  This template is from Throwing Some Scraps Around.  The kit is from Rachelle.


The template is from Bits N' Pieces and the kit from Aimee Harrison Designs.


This is my, All The Pretty Flowers template and BnP's kit.


Vise versa for this one.  BnP's template and my Optimism collection.


These templates are so cool!  BnP's template and my Sumptuous kit.




Another fabulous template from Rachelle and beautiful kit from Kim Cameron.  Yes, I work out and no, I'm not doing that shark dance.  Hehehe...


Template from BnP and goodies from JoCee Designs.


Fun templates, right?  Let Rachelle's templates pimp up your FB wear.


Here's another one of BnP's templates and lovely goodies from Made By Keuntje.


Ooh...I really liked this page with Rachelle's template and goodies from Manu.

If you ever have questions about the kits used on our pages, visit our group and we'll help you out.  

On to some great free stuff.
 Ilonka's Fan Club

Pop over to Ilonka's new group on FB and find out how to get these freebies.

 Ilonka's Fan Club

Don't forget all of the challenges at GingerScraps!  Look at this awesome freebie to play with.  Come and join in on all of the fun!

 GS forum

Maggie's free template will make a great page.

 Gs Forum

Here's a new freebie from JoCee.  Grab it in her group.

 JoCee's Group on FB freebie

How set are you?!  All of these great freebies and an update on all of our newest goods.  I hope you also have been inspired.

If you are a fan of hybrid projects, make sure you come back and check out the project I finally finished.  

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!