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Digital Scrapbooking Templates in Perspective and a New Freebie

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got new templates in the GingerScraps shop, page loving, new goodies from around DigiLand and I've designed a new freebie for you.  It goes with our newest video on how to scrap a page in just 2 minutes.

So let's dive right in there and get this scrap-a-licious blog a roll'n!

 In perspective Templates

When I first started digital scrapbooking, I used to make pages just like this.  I didn't get the whole flat thing and I didn't like it. I thought it was dumb!  Hehehe...Obviously, I changed my mind about that, but I do like to go back to that style at times and someone asked if I'd make some templates that resembled those pages.  I'm sure they are far from perfect, but they sure are fun and they are a challenge, too.  I'm going to walk you through some of things I came across as I was scrapping them.

 In Perspective Templates

My first page is actually the view of a rainbow, overlooking the vineyards from our home in Germany.  I would love to put my office right behind this window.  Let me take you for a tour of my page, starting at the top with the roller blind.  I've added a style, but you can totally change it.  A valance would look cute, too or nothing.  Just expand the window if you like and enlarge your photo.  The pane is also a style and a paper from this kit by Alexis Design Studio.

I added a puffy style to my frame to give it more dimension and I chose a paper that might resemble a frame.  Just crop in your photos as you normally do.  You might have to angle them ever so slightly for the perfect fit.

Choose a paper that looks like a surface.  Wood would look great, but there was none in this kit so I just went with the beige color.  I got so lucky with these awesome front view elements in the kit and it is a big part of why I chose it.  I was looking for this kind of front facing elements and this one had quite a bit.  You might find yourself mixing and matching various kits in order to get a good amount of goodies like this.  I would totally recommend something from Aimee Harrison, ADB and PattyB that do stuff like this.  That tip might save you some time if you have their stuff in your stash already.

This image is how I scrapped it.

This is what it looks like without the frame.  Like an accordion album with two, long photo spots.

This is four different photo spots and no frame.  So you have three options.

Keep in mind that you can totally use these over and over in other pages with other templates!

 In Perspective Templates

I told you Aimee's kits and collections will work great with these templates!  Let me admit a few things right here, right now.  My first page scrapped up SO fast.  I was totally amazed that I could get a result like that after working only 17 minutes.  The only part that took any kind of time was the flower arrangement and getting my frame to look just the way I wanted.

This second page is an entirely different story.  Now, I was Skyping with my mother at the same time so that could totally be a huge reason why it took me over 2 hours for this one!  I cheated slightly with that framed picture on the wall.  It was a page I scrapped last year.  Hehehe...I just slid that sucker right in there.  I used a pretty paper that would accent the "wall Paper" that I chose from Aimee's, Cherish collection and again, added a bevel style tot he frame.  I used the ones that just came with my PSE program.  Doesn't that paper make great wall paper?! I did have to make some slight adjustments to my photo and frame in the foreground so my picture would fit just right.  That part wasn't too difficult.  I'm not sure my shadowing came out all that great on this one and I'm still not sure I like my basket.  I played with a few different colors.  You might have a "realistic" vase in your collection that would look a lot better.

 In Perspective Templates

I had a heck of a time with this one!  Of course getting my pictures in the frames on the wall was easy enough.  One is just a journal card from Tracey's kit.  Again, a bevel style was added to the frames.  There were no papers that resembled wall paper that I would use.  Hehehe...This one was pretty cute and I got a giggle out of the little border in the kit because one of my sons still has his dinosaur border on his bedroom wall.

I started playing with front view goodies like you see and then tried playing with perspective of some of the flat elements.  You can see one of the journal cards on the table.  I wasn't super thrilled with how they looked after distorting them.  I ended up getting rid of most of the elements I tried to change and just stuck with the ones with a front perspective. I recommend you do the same unless distorting an image well is something you are good at.

Totally look through your kits and make sure there are plenty of frontal goodies if you want your page to look right.

 In Perspective Templates

The second template is a no brainer.  It's a lot like our planner styled templates we've got in the shop. I really love this kind of template.  It's mega easy to work with and really, really fun.

 In Perspective Templates

Ngoc did a great job with her page and she too used a kit from Aimee.  Although most of the flowers are flat view, the way they are positioned, it looks pretty darn good.  See the two white clusters, in the bouquet?  That kind would be perfect!

 In Perspective Templates

 In Perspective Templates

Hilary did a great job on her page as well.  A nice bevel in the window sill with a wood look or color, same for the desk with some sand on it.  The rocks and skeletons look just super.  A really fun page.  Oh!  I just noticed that Eian (her son pictured) is wearing the exact same shirt my son has.  Hehehe...Both of my boys are huge Minecraft fans.  I joke and call it Mine Crap then they joke back and call it Crap-Booking!  Cheeky boys!!

 In Perspective Templates

 In Perspective Templates

I love the little gnome looking around Dorians pot.  Super cute idea!

 In Per spectate Templates

Jarmilla kept her page very traditional. No problem with that.  It's the beauty of templates.  Make them all your own so that they work for you.

 In Perspective Templates

Getting the perspective just right ain't easy!  If you give it a try and it doesn't come out perfect, don't worry at all.  Just enjoy the process.

 Free Cluster from the Yearbook Collection

I've got a new freebie for you, today.  I needed it to make my video.  I was in quite a form when I recorded it.  I got this huge update on my computer and man is everything changed.  It took my son helping me until I could figure out how to get sound.  I had already made my video and I didn't realize there was no sound.

I used our free collection, "Yearbook Winter".  I'm so glad that so many of you are interested.  A lot of scrappy sisters have already done their three pages and they are not so patiently awaiting the spring portion.  I'm just designing the seasons as I go so I promise you, none of them will be ready before that season.  Spring is all finished.  I just need some QC and for spring to officially start.  I don't know how it is where you live, but here in Belgium it has been nothing but one huge storm all fall and winter.  Raging winds, grey skies, so much's still raging outside of my door, but the son is popping out, alighting the rain shower.

 Video how to scrap really fast

Come join our Progressive Scrap challenge in the group.  Find out more over there and get this entire collection for FREE.

 Progressive Scrap in the group!

 This is last week's freebie.


Me and my gals post free stuff daily in our group and on our page so make sure you're following along and of course, it totally pays to be a member of our weekly newsletter family.  We offer exclusive freebies there and keep everyone in the loop with all of our going on's.  I plan on amping up the group activity very soon.  I'll be combining scrapbooking with something else that  might interest you, but I don't want to give it away.

Thanks for checking out The Cherry.

I hope you stay healthy, safe and if you do get quarantined, get scrappy!!!!

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