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Floral Spring Hybrid Tote Bag Idea From Clever Monkey Graphics and The Cherry On Top

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Enjoy another fun filled blog of scrap-a-liciousness in the form of hybrid and digital scrapbooking, today.  I've got more fabulous goodies from my own shop at Gingerscraps as well as beautiful kits from some of your favorite designers at the Sweet Shoppe.

If you've been following us for awhile, you know that I love color so much.  Especially, bright POW! In your face kinds of colors, which makes me a great match up with Tracey from Clever Monkey Graphics.  You can bet your pretty little butt that I fell head over heels in love with the colors and theme of this Little Shark collection.  How adorable?!   I had just the perfect subject, too!  My JJ is not a huge fan of water, but once he gets good and in there he's good to go.  It took him a really long time to learn how to swim and he struggles a bit, like a lot of kids.  Especially, those with Autism.  Stick with'm and make sure they understand the importance of learning to swim and swim well.

Ship Shape templates from TCOT and Little Shark from Clever Monkey Graphics

 Little Shark

These templates are from GingerScraps Buffet for March and that means they are only $2.  I keep my buffet goodies at $2 for the entire month, but don't let that throw you off from buying now.  You might forget!

 Ship Shape

You are going to have a blast in Tracey's shop.  There are so many new things to look at.  Butterfly Season is a brand new kit and it is impatiently waiting for you.  I LOVE butterflies so much.  We have butterfly bushes at both of our places.  They are a huge attraction to the local insects.  We never use any kind of chemicals in our yards and gardens so wildlife is in abundance and bees and butterflies are no exception.  I've seen at least half a dozen varieties.  I've got two pictured here.  There are two new comers, but I'm yet to get a picture.One is a rather dainty fellow, mostly off white with a bit of orange at the tips of his wings.  I believe he's a Tiger Butterfly.  I'll try my luck again this summer and see if I can get him on camera.  There's also a tiny bluish purple one.  It could be a moth.  I have to brush up on these new visitors.

I added two extra layers to the top of Tracey's gorgeous black and white paper and used the pen in PSE to color over the lines.  Then I just clipped in some glitter paper using styles.  That's how I got that one flower with color.  Next time I do this, I'll make a video showing you how it's done.

Keep your eyes out for a FREEBIE that coordinates with this, at Sweet Shoppe! They have a page with a free sample from each designer.  This way you can try before you buy and they update yearly.  There are 23 free samples!

 Butterfly Season

 Butterfly Season

Also in Tracey's shop this weekend, you'll find Rawr!  A super cute and fun Dino inspired collection. I used our brand new templates, In Perspective for these.  It's a totally different way to scrap. I've got a lot more page inspiration with these on yesterday's blog as well as tips and optional, alternative uses that are included in the templates, but not shown.

JJ loved his Dino so much and of course he lost it because he took it with him absolutely everywhere. I had bought a back up, but you know how that goes!  Hehehe...

 In Perspective


Also new in the Sweet Shoppe this week is JoCee Designs, Through The Stones kit.  Any Outlander fans out there?  I bought through book 5 and I've been stuck on the fourth one for awhile.  I'm still waiting for something to happen and I'm in over 300 pages!  Claire drove me nuts the first book.  I loved the second one and the third one was quite the adventure.  It all started when my hubs and I stumbled across the show whilst going through the channels on a local TV sender.  We loved it from the very start, but have stopped watching because I want to read all of the books, first.  Between us, it's really only pay backs.  He did the same darn thing to me for Game Of Thrones and he reads SO slow!

Through The Stones from JoCee Designs

You don't have to be a fan of Sharon's boos or the TV program to fall in love with Jo's kit.  The classic, luxurious colors are beyond fabulous and look at all of those thoughtful elements, too.  Gems, maps, ships, sword, plaid flowers...take your hot, long romance to your scrap page as I did.  Of course, it doesn't have to be a scorching one.  Hehehe...Pictures of castles, old buildings or artifacts would look great as well.  Of course, if you've been to Scotland, this would be an awesome kit to scrap that.

 Through The Stones

Last week, I showed off how you can use Tracey's journal cards and papers and make a pretty coordinating set of envelope and card.  I also provided a few links to free templates for envelopes if you need them.

Simply resize, print, cut and...

 Spring Floral

This was my page I designed with Spring Floral and my little JJ.  Of course, he is as tall as I am, now.

 Spring Floral

Today's hybrid project is WAY cool!  You're going to love it!

I simply removed the background and ditched the shadows on those un-layered, outside elements as you can see on my tiny image.

I did change up my page ever so slightly by removing my photograph and adding another pretty card.
Keep scrolling to see what I did with it!

Take your hybrid with you or even use your hybrid project to tote your other hybrid projects.

Yes!  Of course this is totally doable and all you need is some transferable paper, a printer, an iron and whatever you want your design to go on like a t-shirt or bag.  I found this quick video from the Hobby Lobby with some tips and instructions.  It's really easy!

If you don't think the glittery paint in the background will come out great, you can always do the real deal on your bag.  Just make sure you choose fabric friendly paint and glitter paint.  I haven't tried, but I might caution that it may be a bit trifling to iron over your paint and or glitter paint so do a test, first!

Take your digital scrapbooking skills to another level and go hybrid.

Thanks so much for popping over to The Cherry.  I invite you to scroll through previous blogs, grab the countless freebies and consider joining us across our social hot spots like FB via page and fun group, Instagram, Pinterest and keep up to date by joining our weekly newsletter family.

Happy scrapping!

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