Saturday, May 9, 2020

Free Printable Mother's Day Card from JoCee Designs and Many More Hybrid Scrapbooking Ideas For You

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Hybrid Saturday.

UPDATE: My shop at GingerScraps is no longer open. I'm leaving the images for inspiration. I do have a shop at Design Bundles with templates, scrap stuff and a lot more. Maybe check it out?

I'm posting several projects today, both old and new.  So if you are new to The Cherry, you'll get to see a lot of our more popular hybrid projects.

Today's hybrid is brought to you by JoCee Designs new collection, A Mother's Love.

If you still have not got a card for dear ole mom, use ours.  Let me give you a few tips, first.  I've not a printer in our quarantine house so I asked a team member to print this out and tell how it came out.  She said that the journal card came out full sized.  It is designed as a 3x4 standard size, so make sure you check your printer settings before printing.  

Also she didn't get the edging just perfect when she printed it.  The card is exactly 8 inches so if you want to shrink it up just a touch so you get all of the edges, to be sure, then make the adjustments necessary or just around them so it is all even.

Try to use your program's "preview" function for the best results.

After printing, cut off any excess you might have.  Print on rigid paper if it's an option and check those printer settings for best or fine results if it's an option on your printer.  This a folding card.  You'll fold each panel.  Aligning it up just right with the other panel.  Cut your journal card and adhere it to the center of the first panel, as shown in the below image.  Fold it all first THEN adhere the journal card.

free card And template

I'm providing you with not only this card, but the template as well.  Maybe you will use Jo's kit and design your own card?  On the template, where to fold is indicated with lines.

A Mother's Love

Here's some new goodies from Clever Monkey Graphics.  Sassy Mom's Day.  I used our Fabulous Photos templates.  It's another one of those template packs that I keep going back to.  Great for multiple photo pages.

Fabulous Photos Templates

Sassy Mom's Day

Here are a few of our most popular hybrid projects all linked up for you with tutorials and or more information.

This is by far one of my favorites and if you are into hybrid or you'd like to print out digital scrapbooking goodies and use them traditionally, you'll love these tutorials.

It all started off with this digital page...

I put my page through a png ripping action from Lisa Rosas to get all of these individual images, the exact size as the ones on my page and simply pasted them in 8x11 documents in my PSE program and printed them out.  I printed out my page to so I could see exactly where everything needed to go. Click on either image for the full tutorials.

And Voila!  I call it "The Perfect Page" kit.  If I would have had a cutting machine, this would have went really fast!  Really just making a puzzle. 

step by step tutorial

Here's another less work intensive project for you.  You'll find a free template to whip up this cute, mini album in probably under an hour.  I made it for my niece and designed a pocket for some cash-o-la.

free template

This album is even more simple and Yes!  I am also giving you a free template.  You might be able to crank out a mini in under 10 minutes!  Wait until you see the other side!

fre template

This is still a favorite project of mine and it's an up cycle project as well.

gift idea

I recycled my Christmas card's packaging!  Shrank up some digital pages to 4x4 inches, put them all around the box's sides and stuffed the boxes full of goodies.  My nieces loved their gifts!

gift idea with mini scrapbooking pages

Our dress templates are one of our biggest draws.  Here's one used digitally...

and here are both templates, used traditionally.  They would look cute in a scrapbook or on a card.

Dress Template

This was the dress that started it all and our most popular blog to date.

dress template

This is one of our latest hybrid projects.  It's really easy to design your own things when you have just the right stuff.

hybrid idea

Here's another blog on how to design a mini album very quickly using the word art and frame clusters from collections such as this.

mini album tutorial made fast

Turn a page into...

a cool t-shirt!  I ordered mine and I'm just waiting for it to arrive any day!  I'll show it off if I'm pleased with the result.

I sure hope we were able to inspire you, today.  Try something new and let us help you.  Show us what ya do!

Happy scrapping!

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