Friday, July 10, 2020

Scrapbooking About Reading, Gorgeous Page Inspiration and New Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I've got two blogs planned this week.  So if you are into hybrids, come on back tomorrow.  I'll be taking you through another page with the new templates and a super talented designer, Clever Monkey Graphics.  A creative team member of mine, has used our free cuttable from the Sleep Tight Collection that I'll also be showing off.

Today, in the usual manner, I've got 2 new packs of templates.  One contains TWELVE templates and there is yet another 50% off sale at GingerScraps to take advantage of.  Whoo hoo!  I've also got a new video in the form of a process video and all kinds of ideas on how to use our new, Page Title templates that coordinate with the YearBook Collection.

Let's dive into all of this wonderful scrappy goodness!

I am an avid reader to say the least.  A total book junky!  I can hardly think of a better day than perusing the used book store.  I'm at such a huge disadvantage living in a foreign country for that matter.  I did manage to find one shop in Oostende (on the beach) that has a large thrift store with a decent used book collection with an English section.  I have to order everything on line and of course it's all new, so I have to pay that pretty price.  Ugh!

The first template is totally me!  My signature up doo, though much neater than mine and the glasses.  I was playing with JoCee Designs' pretty kit, A Good Read when I got the inspiration to design templates and I totally stole her color palette.  It's sophisticated and calming with a nifty splash of blue that keeps it all interesting.

Take a look at how my team used these templates and remember what I said, last week.  You don't have to take your templates and kits literally.  These templates would be fine to scrap a variety of themes you want to scrap.

Sweet Shoppe Goodies
Antebellum Press Products

JoCee Designs, A Good Read

Jenn's page, above uses Jo's kit I told you about.  I love the cozy feel of it.

Goodies from the Gingerbread Ladies at GingerScraps

Designs from Janet Scott

Felicity's page goes a bit outside of the theme.

Magical Scraps Galore

I've read all of the Potter books and watched the movies, too.  Yes!  I ho have Potter templates on tap for this fall so if you're a fan.  Stay tuned and keep this kit in mind as well.

Designs from Jessica Dunn

D's Designs

Goodies From LouCee

Retired Designs from Sus

Just Because Studio

A sleepy time kit works perfect with this.  Don't forget our Sleep Tight Collection.  I left it up for just $5.

Also new in the shop today, YearBook Title Pages.  This collection is becoming enormous.  I've given away dozens and dozens of papers, elements and a few coordinating freebies throughout many of our social spots.  If you've not gotten started with our Progressive Scrap, it is not too late.  Join us in the group, download the first Winter Pack, upload your three pages to the correct album, tag me and I'll send ya the Spring Packs...I'm really pleased with all of the participation we have so far and all of the lovely pages.  We'd love to have you join us, too.

I got some extra help since I had so many templates needing examples.  A huge shout to the ladies who helped me.  Here are a few of their pages and some from me as well as a process video with some various ways to change up these templates.

Though they are title pages, you can go nuts with them.  The idea was to keep it simple so you can get your albums together faster, but use them as you like with any kit or collection you like.  If you're like me and like an album that is totally coordinating, then use all of the parts of the YearBook Collection together and have an amazingly cohesive album.

Here are a few of my pages.  I've done totally different levels of design on all three.  I'll walk ya through it and highly recommend the video for a lot more cool tips.

For the first one I went all out on bottom cluster.  Dedicating a fair amount of time to the overall design.  Of course the large photo helps a lot, too.  I kept the title simple because I found my page a bit busy already.  I kept the colors fairly contained, but I did use more than I normal would.

I have to giggle at myself.  This page took about 5 minutes to design and yet I still really love it.  Then I have to ask myself why I found it so appealing.  For one, I kept color usage to minimum and the photo is also limited in color.  I love all of the texture in the papers giving the page a bit of luxurious appeal.  It also feels nicely balanced

This is page where the process video features.  Jump to our You Tube, maybe even subscribe and check out our videos.  I only recently looked to see what kind of views I was getting on what videos to see what people are wanting and I was so surprised that process videos were so popular.  I'm not a fan to watching themself, but I was thrilled to see theses were popular.  You can bet there will be a lot more of them.

Just look at how the ladies used the collection with the title pages.  Jillian managed to scrap all 12 templates in under an hour!

Don't forget the sale at GingerScraps this week!

Here is today's freebie.  This blog is full of free stuff.  Scroll on back and see what you can find.

Freebie For You

If you are all about the free stuff then check out Creative Fabrica.  They've got all kinds of freebies.  Look at this cute free pattern.

We share a lot of links to free stuff in our group, too.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry.  We'll see ya again, tomorrow with more scrap-a-liciousness.

Happy Scrapping!

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