Saturday, July 11, 2020

Free Moon Cuttable and Scrapbooking That is Just Dreamy

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Hybrid Hipsters and Digi Divas can totally jump in to this weekend's blog entries.  I showed off two new packs of templates in yesterday's blog and I've got another page with one of those packs, today.  I've also got a hybrid page from Audry with our free cuttable from last week that coordinates with our Sleep Tight Collection.

I mentioned in a previous blog how limiting it can be when we can't think out of the theme.  Sometimes we just have to take another angle on a kit or template to get more use out of our stash.  Although my new templates have a reading theme, they can be used for all kinds of other subjects.

My page below, could really use any kind of pictures and the journaling can be the story behind those pictures.  This would actually be a pretty nifty prompt idea as well.  This book could represent a journal, photo album, diary...whatever you want it to represent.

As I was designing this page, I got to thinking that I wanted the page to resemble a boy's bedroom.  I know that Tracey's collections use the same kind of element format which makes it perfect for mixing and matching.  Her use of fun, bright colors makes the process even easier still.

I searched my CMG stash for all kinds of fun stuff, you might find in a young boy's bedroom and it was so easy.  More than I could ever use on one page and not only the elements themselves, but the colors blended with each other as well.  I'm typically really bad at mixing and matching kits, but with Clever Monkey Graphics collections it's not difficult at all.

Some more tips about this page.  I used an outline on my outline so that my titles would show up better.  I just took the color picker and hovered over a color from my page until I found just the right one. Tip:  I chose colors directly from the page so it's more cohesive and I chose colors that provide contrast from the background.

To see more pages using these really fun templates, skip back to yesterday's blog.  I've also posted a free quick page there.

Here's a peek at Tracey's kit.  The characters are just precious.  If you click on the image you can get to Tracey's shop and check her other awesome products.  Here is link to Tracey's group if you want to join us, there.

Book Lover

Last week I offered a free cuttable that coordinates with our Sleep Tight Collection and Creative Team Member, Audry jumped right on it.  It's  a total plus having a team member who likes getting a little glue on their fingers.

Here are a couple of close ups and Audry's page.

Hybrid scrapbooking really is a fantastic way to be creative.  I dabble with everything because not all projects are created equally.  Some we might want to put a lot of time and hand work in to.  While others do not require as much time or materials.  When you can dabble with all of the different formats of scrap, you can go a lot further.

Feel free to show off any of your scrap-a-licious work in our group.  We get in to scrap chat, share our pages, share amazing deals we find around and freebies are often a part of the repertoire as well.   We'd love to see ya there.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.

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