Friday, September 4, 2020

A Huge Sale, So Many Freebies, A Flamazing Collection and Two New Packs of Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Strap yourselves in and get ready for one heck of a wild ride.  Whoo hoo!  We are going full speed ahead with one amazing blog.  It's absolutely bursting with layout love, announcements, challenges, freebies, tips, tricks, new goodies and so much more.

Our shop at GingerScraps along with the others is on sale 50% off for the birthday bash!  Get those favorites and save big time.

I've several challenges in the Birthday forum.  Like this template challenge.

I've also got a fun recipe challenge.  I hope you'll join in on the fun!

Here's a close up of our contribution to the huge mega collaboration you'll find this weekend for the Free With Purchase.

I've teamed up with Art and Life Scraps for one Flamazing collaboration!

This is everything, right here and the best deal.

You won't believe all that you get in the bundle.  There are over 200 ellies.  Crazy, right?!  Somewhere around 3 dozen papers, dozens of journal cards and personally, my favorite part of the entire collection.  There are two very unique and different alphas, more word art than you can shake a stick at, beautiful painted graphics and of course 4 very cool templates.

Here's a look at the kit.

If you purchase the kit, you won't get the templates or the journals cards, but everything else.

A closer look at the cards.

These are my journal cards.

The journal cards are so creative and I tell ya, I put hours of work into them and the papers.

Check out the awesome graphics!

Some super fun word art!

We worked so long and hard on our papers.

We've both added a lot of thought to our papers including the solids.  I loaded up on luxurious textures, layer upon layer and I added a touch of color through texture on all of the solids too.  This will lend a very luxurious feel to the entire collection.

Full of texture and a touch of glamour.

The basics!

Two totally different alphas are also included.

Of course there are templates.  They are also available separately.

We'll start off with my pages, as usual.  This paper is my all time favorite from my pack.  I'm really getting into designing Digital papers.  It's so fun!  There is just no limits and so many options.  I took a picture of my friend and simply traced over most it.  Then I hand colored everything, each in a different layer.  Obviously, it took me hours, but the result is fairly fabulous.

I've produced a sweet video for you.  I thought some people might have a difficult time with what to do with some of our large design papers like this one and a few others.  I also show off all of the featured, unique elements so you can get a really good look at most of what's in this collection.

Add caption

If time is of the essence and a big reason you don't scrap, you totally need to check out the video.  I give a lot of time saving tips.  Take the page below.  It didn't take long at all to scrap.  Just the beautiful graphic from Cindy, an edge from my stash where I clipped over a pretty paper and slapped in a couple of ellies in each corner.  

This collection has SO much in it, that it totally helps you scrap faster.  You'll find it all here and won't have to go through your other stuff.  We offer so many elements in so many colors, you'll be thinking, "Cool!  That is exactly what I needed."

I took Cindy's huge scatter, copied it a dozen times, placed it around the background, added a few papers to the background and played with the opacity for a bit more interest, slid in the word art, added a stroke, added a very few extra elements and then my gals.  All finished in about 17 minutes.

Above is another example of how to use the large design paper and scrap at lightening speeds.

On to the pages from the talented team.

Cindy scrapped up her page using the templates.  As did Dorian, below.

Ella made a fabulous Project life style page and included a lot of the collection, too.  What a great collection to show off sassy gals and ladies.

You can totally go whimsical, artistic or traditional.  Below, is another page from Felicity using the templates.

You can keep your pages simple using the templates as well.  Michal did exactly that, below.

I thought the dark side to this page was a great example showing off the versatility of color and contrast in the bundle.  Roxana did a really great page.  Let your eyes slowly take it all in and you'll get a great idea at just how many goodies you're going to get in Flamazing.

Keep it clean and neat like Sylvia did or add all kinds of paint and ellies as Theresa did for the next page.

The last few pages are all examples using the templates and they are really fantastic.

Customize our flamingo and make him or her yours.

Of course you can scrap the templates with other kits and collections.  Felicity's page is just gorgeous.  She did you a mix of kits and the result is really stunning.

Here is your FREEBIE!  It'll go perfect with the bundle!

I've got two other, new packs of templates just in time for the sale as well.  I've sketched these templates out months ago and couldn't wait to scrap them up.  See what the lovely ladies have done.  Aren't they so cute?!  I used a few shapes from GS Creations and there are just a very few hand drawn pieces.

Alexis Designs

Down This Road Designs

Butterfly Designs

Amanda Yi

Connie Prince

Kristmess Designs
More from Connie P

Connie P

Heart Made Scrapbook

Ooh La La Scraps!

Designs from Aprilisa

A fun kit from Throwing Some Scraps Around

Here's another new pack of templates for you and yes.  They are also 50% off all week long.  I love backgrounds like this.  I did the hard part.  Now, all you have to do it pull in your pretty papers, pictures and add the ellies.

Digital Scrapbook Ingredients

Moore Blessings

River Rose Designs

JumpStart Designs

Neia Scraps

Kristin Cronin Barrows awesomeness!

Connie P

I love the way Felicity matched up her colors for this page.

A fabulous Mix of goodies.

Tracey B

Aimee Harrison Designs

ML Designs

Theresa is a star at taking a different take on templates and I love that.  Is this not a brilliant idea?!

Kim Cameron Designs

Neia Scraps

Kim Cameron Designs

Since I took a two week vacation from blogging, you might have missed the last two releases.  I'm putting them here with a just a few pages and yip, they are also 50% off.

Gorgeousness from Digital Scrapbook Ingredients.  I mean OMG!

Designs from Laura Burger and Connie P.  Love them, too!

Super fun templates great for summer fun!

GingerScraps Goodies

Alexis Design Studio

Again Digital Scrapbooking Ingredients and another knock out.

Kitty Scrap

Check out all of the awesomeness in this month's of challenges in our group as well as in the GingerScraps forum.  

Don't forget the Digi Scrap Parade!  So many freebies and a great way to try out new to you designers.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry. I hope to see you in the GingerScraps forum and over in our group, too.  This blog is full of free stuff.  Feel free to scroll back and see what you've missed.

Happy scrapping!

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