Friday, October 16, 2020

Rainbow Inspired Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got more rainbow inspired templates in the shop, today.  Our usual scrappy inspiration is simply amazing.  You won't believe how some of the ladies interpreted these templates.  I'm so sure you will be inspired.

We'll be having another blog, tomorrow for our Hybrid Hipsters series with a freebie.  So come on back for that.

Let's dive in to these new templates and some new designs from some of your favorite designers.

I'm totally digging this quirky combination of colors and I like the extra embellishment on the hearts.

Products from the Sweet Shoppe

And now...for something soft and sweet...

G & T Designs

How about a touch more drama and a precious picture?

More gorgeousness from the Sweet Shoppe.

I think it is so awesome that the rainbow theme in my templates didn't affect the ladies one bit!  I find the rainbow part a bit challenging, actually.

More from the Sweet Shoppe.

How clever of an idea is this, from Caro?  The ink or paint smudges are very subtle and she switched out for the hearts for these lovely butterflies.  Great thinking!

Yip, more from the Sweet Shoppe!

Ahhh...I was relieved to see a few rainbow inspired pages and I really love it.  It's SO fun!

Goodies from Blagovesta at the Sweet Shoppe.

I called Cindy a rebel for this one!  We were all absolutely captivated by her page.  There is so much to look at albeit sad content, it's something we can all relate too.  Just look at all there is going on in this page.

Digital designing is a great form of expression.  It isn't always about the pictures.

Awesomeness from Valentina.

Felicity's page is a great example of contrast and fits super with her picture, too.  This bright rainbow display in the middle of the city.

A perfectly matching kit from Dandelion Dust.

Products from Laura Burger

ML Designs

Here's another lovely literal translation for the templates.

Connie Prince's kit is looking like a great match up, too.

How butt kicking is this page?!  

Synergy Ink!

Designs From Alexis

Give the template a turn.


Pretty goodies from JoCee Designs at the Sweet Shoppe.

Magical Scraps Galore

LouCee Creations

Dorian thought perhaps her page was a bit too plain, but I think it's pretty great.  We all have very different opinions on just what too much is. There is absolutely nothing wrong at all with keeping it simple. Especially, when you really want the photo to be the star and stand out.

Andrea Gold

If you do like rainbow themes because let's face it, rainbows are so awesome, I've got these other templates with a similar theme.  They are fairly artistic and great for any kit or pictures you've got.

The last few blogs were totally kicking if you missed them, you'll really thank yourself for popping back to them.  I've got a lot of free stuff including a free kit. There is so much more layout love, too.

Thanks for dropping by The Cherry.  I really love when ya do that!

If you need any more information about these pages or if you have some scrap related questions or ya want to share off your pretty projects, then join our group and share and ask away.

Happy scrapping!

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