Saturday, October 3, 2020

Digital Scrapbooking Weekend Continues with More New Goodies, New Hybrid Ideas and the Love For Layout Templates Train of Free Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I suppose the title says it all.  Hehehe...Hello, super scrappers!  We are back for yet another amazing year of Digital Scrapbooking Day celebrations.  Each year we get more and more new viewers for the fun festivities and we are super thrilled that you are one of them.

Yesterday's blog is full, full, full of fabulous scrappiness.  If ya missed it, be sure to pop back and check it all out.  I showed off our our four new Grab Bags that are on an unmissable promotion throughout the weekend.

If templates are yo' thang, we've got over 3 dozen new templates in the shop and the blog!  Holy wow!  And for just a couple bucks, you'll have more templates than you can probably scrap in a year.  Something you may also want to consider is the album potential for these super large quantities of coordinating templates.

A Magic inspired collection, a school inspired collection, huge numbered templates and a Grab Bag full of a very popular style template.  Plus our FREE digital scrapbooking kit with coordinating template with step by step instructional video for those of you who haven't yet dove in to the wonderful world of digital scrapbooking.  It's really, really easy when you get the right software and the rest is just free.  We have several blogs dedicated on filling you in with the necessary information to help and guide you to find the right software and get scrapping.  Check out this blog first.  Then the follow up blog and perhaps you'd like to read the one about printing.

I'll show off just a few different pages on today's blog with the Grab Bag Deals.

Our magical kit is pretty super if you're a Potter fan like myself and half of my awesome team.  I've got a beautiful hybrid page with it!  Scroll down to the bottom for that one.

Patronus Collection and Template

Both of Theresa's pages use both the kit and the templates which make for really efficient scrapbooking.  When I do traditional scrapbooking pages, I always prefer using coordinating collections.  Otherwise, I waste so much time digging through my stash and it really isn't all that different with the digital stuff either.  Especially, if you are as unorganized as myself!  Hehehe...

Patronus Collection and Template

Lisa's page is so warm and cozy!  She's incorporated a template from our Artistic Minimalist Grab Bag and Patronus.  I just love it!

Patronus Collection and Artistic Minimalist Grab Bag Templates

Artistic Minimalist Templates (The original series, not in the Grab Bag) and Pretty Ju 

Theresa used our Spooktacular templates and the Patronus collection. I love the candles in the window.  She added her very own ghosts and they are super cute.  You can see how easily the magical kit can be perfect for Halloween, too.

Spooktacular Templates and Patronus Collection

Artistic Minimalist Grab Bag and Conny Prince

Artistic Minimalist (The original pack) and fabulousness from the Sweet Shoppe.

If you are like me and always on the lookout for awesome, Cherry deals then you definitely need to hit up our Buffet goodies.  They are always $2 and I keep that price all month long.  $2 Tuesdays are also full of  fantastic surprises.  Set your notifications so you don't miss those deals either.

Just For You templates and the Daily Download from GingerScraps

Here's the latest example of a $2 Tuesday deal.  Our Only You and Terrific templates are some of our top sellers.  They are all 50% off throughout the weekend so enjoy them at a wonderful bargain.

Want to see more pages with our newest products?  Go back to yesterday's blog.

Only You Templates

If you are new to The Cherry, let me tell ya.  This place is bursting at the seems with freebies.  We also share freebies very frequently on our page and in our group. Not just ours, but free stuff from all over DigiLand and you are welcome to do the same in our group.

My greatest goal as a designer is to get more people involved in digital scrapbooking.  There are numerous advantages that I discuss in the above mentioned blogs.  

To encourage prospective Digi scrappers, I offer stuff like this beautiful FREE kit and FREE coordinating temple and it doesn't stop there.  I've produced yet another video on how to start digital scrapbooking and now we can scrap together!  Just click on the image below to get the automatic download, get your PhotoShop Elements software and pop over to our You Tube Channel for the step by step follow through.  Check out for free trials if you're looking for those.  They have them at Adobe and MyMemories.  PSE is for me, the easiest, most user-friendly and very, very comprehensive.  Read all about software in the above mentioned blog.  PSE also isn't very expensive and there are no monthly fees.  It's still a one time purchase.  I'd grab that while it lasts and no I do not affiliate for Adobe.

Free Kit and Template With Just One Click!

For you happy hoppers, we've got your free template, right cheer.  My apologies for holding you hostage!  I just thought you'd love to see all of the new goodies, inspiration and of course the other great free stuff.

  Next stop is Love It Scrap It

You just came from The Nifty Pixel

Gorgeous goodies from LouCee.

Don't forget our L4LT group if you get lost AND to post your awesome pages.

If you are all about FREE, check out these other mind boggling freebies we've got.

I'll leave up the links for the FREE MINI and TEMPLATES throughout the weekend!

Above you'll see our month of Challenges.  Feel free to do them all, though the big prize won't be available for you, all of the free stuff will, but only throughout the weekend.

Below, you'll see a huge series of freebies.  YES!  They are ALL FREE! 
The Winter pack is free.  When you post three pages, you get the spring pack for free etc...The idea was that you scrap an album by the end of the year.  Follow the directions carefully and find the link for the Winter pack in the "media" tab in our group.  Just ask if ya get lost.  There is always someone around to help.

This one is still yet to come!  Come join in while you can.  We'll keep it all available until the end of the year.

If you're looking for more awesome new goodies, look no further than Spooktacular from Throwing Some Scraps Around and Bits N' Pieces.  The ladies have provided a sweet collection of frame clusters which makes scrapbooking super fast.  I've produced a video showing you how to use these clusters and have your page done in about 10 minutes.  Whoo hoo!

I fell in love with this paper and thought I'd show off how to use it.  Sometimes these kinds of papers aren't always easy to use.

Grab this awesome freebie in Jodi's group!

And now for you Hybrid Hipsters!  Again, the blog is full of hybrid ideas.  Here are a few our latest.

Digital scrapping can lead to so much more!

Scrap and print albums in an afternoon!

Decorate your house with digital scrapbooking skills!

Send out hand made cards to family, friends or anyone who needs a boost.

Design and print stickers, invitations...We'll show ya how!

THIS one has to be one of my all time favorite hybrid projects!

From this template pack....

to this fun page and then...

a totally awesome, really simple mini album!

Here's that terrific hybrid page with our Patronus collection scrapped by Audry.

There are a few options if you want to print out things for a hybrid page.  You could just wing it and place your desired items on a page that will go through your computer.  I use 8x11.  Use sticker paper or glossy paper for the best results.

You could also scrap your page first, rip all of the pngs/elements that you used and take those exactly to your sticker sheets.  I call it the Perfect Page kit.  Keep scrolling for an image and a link.  You'll be wowed, I promise!

Look how adorable!  She gave the wings a bit of lift, too.

Give your elements a more dimensional look by a gentle fold.  Use a nail file to roughen up your edges for extra added texture. Inking around the edges is sometimes just what ya need when something looks a bit plain.

There are two parts to this tutorial.  Click the image for the second one and get the first link on that blog.

OK!  If we have STILL not inspired you, you better check your pulse!  Hehehe...

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  For checking out The Cherry.  Consider following us on all of our social platforms (Find them in the sidebar.) and join our newsletter family for weekly updates on all the going on's at The Cherry.  You'll be glad you did and we'd love to have you join our gang.

Now, don't forget to organize all of that stuff you are going to buy this weekend! As if?!

Happy scrapping!!!


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