Friday, May 25, 2012


Two Boys and Their Pup:

Up-Cycling is recycling by taking garbage or unwanted things and turning them into something stunning.  I am a total up-cycler.  I have such a limited budget that it is absolutely necessary to do this.  I'm also kind of weird about wasting stuff and find artsy potential in just about everything.  Wow!  The world is my oyster.  Even the world of junk. Hehehe...

To the right you will see a...a...round thingy.  I will call it a flyer that I received when visiting...a family help center. (My youngest son has Autism and my older son is also currently being evaluated.  So, times get testy around here.)  I was immediately brain scrapping when I saw this thing.  I couldn't wait to get started on this project and I did something I rarely ever do.  I got started immediately!

I started with the smallest circle.  Using my handy, Fiskars shaper, I cut out all of the circles.  Make sure you use fairly sturdy to sturdy card stock paper for this project.  At least for the basis of your circles.  I also strongly recommend using embellishments that are not too thick.  Especially, if you plan on using a brad to bind your circles together.

The color pallet is quite simple.  This particular paper is Lime Rickey from Basic Grey.  (My all time favorite supplier.)  I got it on a clearance rack in one of the few local, craft stores here, in Belgium.  The second to last page is my favorite.  The silver paper is so hip and eye catching.  Everything you see is just circle punched or hole punched and glued on.  Super, eh?  It shines and matches great with the ring I used to keep it all together.

Above you can see that I used a brad originally, just like in the sample.  It gives a totally different effect to your end result.  There are some draw backs when using a brad (split pin).  Your embellishments need to be very flat. Use your embellishments preferably, around the edges that do not rub the above circle.  You can go crazy on the last circle, around the edge because nothing will touch there.  I considered punching holes, eye letting them and tying ribbon through each hole. I love the idea of using journaling as well. Below you can see how neat it is to spread out your pictures.  However, you can't see the top of most of them.  So keep this in mind as you design your pictures to the circles.

When using a ring you have a lot more freedom.  The embellishments do not snag as much on each other.  You can also add more flair with various ribbons around the ring and use the same ribbons in your designs for a cohesive look.  I considered papering up the back of each, but you really do not see the back anyway.  So, I saved time and precious supplies by not doing that and I'm glad with the result.

The effect with the ring when spread out is completely different, but equally as beautiful.  You can see more of the picture with the ring as well.  I would recommend using eyelets on each page where the ring would go through.  I can't find my eyelet tool at the moment.  So, I didn't do it or otherwise I would not have thought twice.  It really helps reinforce your circles and keep them in good shape and from tearing.

I put this book together in about 2.5-3 hours.  It goes so well when you have an idea in your head.  I went through all of my papers looking for just the right combination.  Then through matching embellishments and it all just clicked right away.  It isn't always like THAT! Hehehe...A super fun project, inspired by junk, turned out to be excellent therapy.  Keep on scrap'n!  It helps keep the coo coo out! Hehehehe...

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