Sunday, April 6, 2014

TCOT Weekly Menu Planner #3

Welcome back to the weekly menu planner.

I'm very surprised at the attention it's gotten so far and also totally pleased!  Thanks to all of you who give me a shout, share, a like or leave a comment.  It keeps me go'n!  

I hope you enjoy the last two week's menu's.  If there's something you are not too crazy about, then go backwards and see if you can replace it from something on a previous menu.  If you still have left overs, make sure you plan them in the week.  A good place would be meat, starch, veg entries.

Monday:  shrimp or chicken etouffe

You might just be surprised at how simple this meal is to make.  Seriously, it should take no more than 20 minutes from start to finish, prep included.  The ingredients are very typical and you probably have many of them in your house already.

 all recipes

The picture above is linked to the recipe.  It is my all time favourite recipe for this so far.  I have an even easier version, though.  I load my rice in the rice cooker.  (I will never live without one.  Perfect rice every time!)  Then I chuck my onions, garlic, peppers in the mini chopper and add them to the warmed butter in a high-ish pan.  Prep whatever meat you wanna use or a combination!  Throw that in as well.  I've never made the roué because the consistency is just fine to me.  

If you are not an experienced cook, FOLLOW THE RECIPE.  hehehe....

Tuesday:  meat, starch, veg

Use this as a flex day if you must.  A time to grab a bite or get some take out if you are just too, busy.  Otherwise, choose something from the freezer if you have or how about some fresh fish, green beans and quinoa.  I'll give ya link for a quinoa recipe.  This is a super, basic recipe.  Give it a try! 


Wednesday:  sloppy joes

Let's make the family's day by whipping up some sloppy joes!  I'm hooking you up with another recipe, but I have a trick for ya that the family might enjoy.  Instead of buns, pack your joe in a pita or tortilla!  It's so much easier to eat.  Add some cheese, onions, extra hot sauce.  Do it buffet style if the kids like that best.

Whip up a salad or some cole slaw to go with it.  It's ok to buy prepared food once in a while, but don't make it a habit. Think about a raw veggie tray, too.  Carrots, celery, olives, radishes...what have ya got in the fridge?

Thursday:  Steak, corn, baked sweet potatoes

If you can, get organic meat.  It's a world of difference.  I was totally shocked when I first tried it and really couldn't get over the difference in taste.  Take a good look at prices.  They are coming down more and more.  Yay!

If you have a grill pan, cook the steak on there.  Depending on the size of your steak and how you like it done.  Try not to use any kind of fat on your grill pan.  Heat up your corn in the last couple of minutes, but make sure ya put those sweet potatoes in the oven first.  They take a while to bake.  Yes, bake!  It's the healthiest.  Or try these, baked sweet potato fries.  Watch what oil you use.  Olive oil is the best in most cases.  The picture is hooked up with a recipe.  


Fun Food Friday:  home made pizza

OK, maybe not home made.  Let's work backwards.  There is more and more research being done on just how bad some major chain pizza is.  Let's stay away from them.  I'll give ya few short cut tips.

Purchase, pre made, pizza dough.  Use tortillas or make your own yummy dough.  If you can or want to buy a jarred pre made pizza sauce it's ok.  Just check the ingredients and make sure it's good ingredients.  No sugar!!!  You could just use canned, diced tomatoes with some dried herbs in it.  Cheese, meats, know the routine!  My kids LOVE making pizza.  Of course, home made dough is my favourite.  So darn yummy and the kids favourite part of the whole shebang.

Saturday:  gyros, baby!!!!


Here's an awesome recipe that you can also do buffet style.  Making the sauce is quite some work.  It's the healthiest way to eat it, but don't beat yourself up too, much if you buy the stuff from the store.

Sunday:  Beer Butt Chicken, grilled zucchini and polenta



If ya don't feel like grill'n, bake a chicken in the oven.  It's Sunday!  Make this the day you put some time into your cooking.  You could go and buy a chicken all ready to eat, but it won't taste nearly as good or be nearly as cheap.

Polenta is fabulous!  It's something other than your typical starchy sides.  Use stock instead of water for more flavour, add seasonings of your choice and throw some fresh herbs in there, too.  I can't get enough of polenta!

OK!  You're set!  Make your grocery list.  Leave all the crappy, pre packed, junk in the grocery store. 

Leave me a comment if you gave this blog a peep and I'll keep posting!

Take care and see ya next week.

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