Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just So Scrappy, Glorious Day

Hey, Y'all!  Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Today I've got Just So Scrappy in the spotlight.  Now, prepare yourself.  You are about to see some seriously gorgeous stuff!  Hehehe...

First, I've got some really sweet layout love to show off.  Yip!  That's me!  I'm sipping on some lovely Mosel wine.  It's made right there on the river in Germany.  I love this region of Germany.  It's peaceful, small and not too far from where I live in Belgium.

Another layout with Glorious Day.  This day was indeed, glorious!  This picture was also taken in Germany.  Bernkastel to be specific.  This village is totally worth seeing.  You are gonna think you are in Epcot Center!  It's just too good to be true.

Dat's Genieten means...Ah, the life!  That's a loose translation.  Literally, you would say, "That is enjoyment".

Click on the image below to get to the store and click JSS on FB to visit the Facebook Page.

 JSS store

If you know The Cherry, then you know I've got some goodies for you, thanks to my generous designers.  For this kit, I've got three I've made!

I just couldn't stop playing with this kit.  Purple is my favourite colour and everything is in here because the kit is huge.  There are tons of add ons, too.  Click on the previews to go get a closer look. FYI, JSS sells her kits at a TCOT price.  That means it's a super, good deal! 

This first, "Perfect" word art FREEBIE can be downloaded from my Facebook page.

 FREE Download TCOT FB

You are going to have to keep your eyes out for this gorgeous frame cluster. JSS will release it shortly, over on the blog.  The best thing to do is stay in touch with my Facebook Page where I give daily updates for amazing FREEBIES.  I've got the image hooked up to the JSS blog.  There are always freebies over there.

 Blog JSS

This one is all hooked up for direct download. FREEBIE.  It should make ya, "Happy"!  Ha!


Thank you for hanging out at The Cherry On Top!  Make sure ya do it again!

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