Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hope For Brady Blog Hop

Welcome To The Cherry On Top!

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I'm thrilled to be a part of this hop.  I have two young boys with Autism.  Everyday life is such a trial and most people just have no idea.  Understanding and patience is a huge part of dealing with Autism even if you don't know anyone with Autism.  

When you see a child having a tantrum, it could be Autism.  Rather than giving the parents a look of disapproval, how about a look of sympathy or understanding.  We've all had bad days and not all kids are great all of the time.  Besides, for many, it's just a temper tantrum after all.  It's not like they robbed the food bank?!

For my boys, visualisation is everything.  They take things literally to a...hilarious point at times, too!  There is a lot to learn and Autism can be just fascinating as well.  My children have taught me how to look at EVERYTHING differently.  Sometimes it's just flat out funny and other times the light goes off.  Those are the best moments and they are always there if you are looking them.

I have a couple of things for you.  The first one is a chart to help ya get your day started.  That is the most difficult part of mine!  Goodness!  The time it takes just to do the basics.  Charts help my boys with all of the necessary, daily activities.  By all means, make sure they do stuff and routinely.  Don't do it all for them even if you think they can't.  They will always surprise you.  Encouragement is the ticket to success.

OK, here's how it works!  If you like the first image, print it out.  Watch your settings!  I had to play with mine until they got just right.


If you want the list in a different order than print out this image, below.
(Click, then right click to save the larger image.)


You will need this last image if you want the check marks or if you want to change the list around. (Click, then right click to save the larger image.)

 info checks

I would highly recommend laminating all of it and simply use velcro on the back of the check marks if you want to use them over again or use an erasable marker!

If you head over to my Facebook Page, I have a FREE download for you there as well. This Freebie is no longer available.

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I'm glad you stopped by and I certainly encourage you to do it again!  Have a fantastic day and enjoy the hop!  4Mybabies will posting freebies all month long and I'll be do'n a few more, too.  So, stay tuned!

All of these are no longer available to download.  If there is something here that you would really like, PM me.


  1. Thank you for the goodies and for helping to spread the word about autism!

  2. My pleasure! Thank you for commenting!