Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekly Menu planner #5

Whoooo Hoooo!

I can't believe we are already on #5!  I thought I'd do this for two months to see what kind of reaction I get and so far, it's pretty good, but there is always room for improvement.

I'm gonna start the week off with meat, starch, veg.  This way if you have left overs from the weekend, you could eat them here.

Monday:  meat, starch, veg

We will be having chipolatas/sausage, mashed potatoes, carrots (mixed in that stump recipe from a previous menu) and gravy.  It's a favourite of the kids and when made from scratch, very healthy.

Do yourself a favour and do NOT use margarine or other nonfood fat.  Stick with butter and olive oil.  They are both actually, healthy and when consumed in moderation, even good for you.  Start taking the time to read the ingredients on the food you purchase.  If ya can't pronounce it or have absolutely no idea what it is, then by all means, do NOT buy it!

I'll help ya out by providing a homemade gravy recipe and tell you this.  I was terrible at making gravy in the beginning.  It really did take me a long time before I got it right.  Now, I can whip up any kind of sauce and gravy in less than 5 minutes.  All from scratch and with real food ingredients.

Click here for a VIDEO on how to make gravy.

I keep my gravy drippings (which rarely ever have fat that I need to skim off and a little bit of fat makes it taste goo, too.) I reserve my veggie and potato water as well.  Then I take 2 tablespoons of flour or corn flour and shake it up vigorously with 2 tablespoons of COLD water and add at that to the meat, potato and veggie reserves.  Stir until heated through and thickened and add salt, pepper....

Tuesday:  fresh pasta and sauce of your choosing

As you probably have heard, eating less meat is always good.  Try to go for a meatless day today.  Whip up some spaghetti from a previous planner or how about buying some fresh penne pasta with an arribiata sauce.  Mmmm... one of my favourites!  I love it with diced egg plant.

Click on the image below for the recipe, but do NOT use the sugar.  The tomatoes are sweet enough!


Wednesday: meat, starch, veg

Here's a time for flex.  Whip up some left overs, bring home some hoagies if it's too busy or get out your grill pan and grill up some pork chops!  Mmmm...maybe considering purchasing frozen potatoes as long as they are JUST potatoes.  Serve them with some sour cream and chives and sprinkle some shredded cheese over the top.  Mmm....yummy.  Serve this with a favourite vegetable from the family, like frozen corn or fresh cauliflower.

I've provided you with a recipe, but I'm not so keen on the canned soup.  There is often too much salt and conservatives.  I think it would be fine without the soup, but some fresh mushrooms instead.  One can of soup a week won't be too, bad.


Thursday:  risotto, zucchini, prosciutto

Have you ever made risotto?  It's not difficult, but it does take some time.  I make mine just like I do bulgar, quinoa, orzo...I brown my garlic and onion then add the risotto (a good full cup for 4) and stir it all together.  Then I add my stock ladle full by ladle full as it absorbs in.  Add in your salt and pepper, but not too much salt because the meat you use may be salty.  I always use prosciutto.  If you can't find that, use bacon or something similar.  (This meal is great vegetarian as well.)  Add some white wine if you like.  I add 1/4 cup.  Make sure the risotto never sticks to the bottom and that there is always a little liquid just covering the dish until the desired taste/bite of risotto.  I like to use zucchini in this dish, too.  Put your meat and parmesan chess in the last few minutes of cooking.

This dish is super similar to mine and sounds really good!


Fun Food Friday:  blackened fish, hush puppies and corn on the cobb

Let's get all southern up in here!  I loves me some hush puppies and blackened fish!  If you don't like the spice, then just make any fish your favourite way, but stay away from the breading and fryer if you want it healthy.

The spice recipe here looks just perfect!


I looked at several recipes until I found the healthiest one.  This is also the way I make mine!  You may be super surprised to see just easy it is to make these, but it will take a little bit of time if you never done it.


Saturday:  club sandwiches

Choose your type of bread.  Anything NOT WHITE is healthier and anything fresh is always best.  Toasts it if you like, then add some sliced turkey, lettuce, bacon, tomato and mayo.  That's it!  Serve it with pickles or use any sliced meat you prefer.  Get something from the butcher is possible.  If not, check the packaging to see how much junk is in there.  Hehehe...  Go organic any time possible.

Sunday:  grilled meat, baked sweet potatoes and grilled veggies

Choose your favourite meat to slap on the grill. Shrimp, fish, steak...  Always get organic if you can afford it.  We will be having our Easter dinner today.  A leg of lamb with rosemary, garlic and olive oil on the grill.  Grilled peppers, zucchini, squash, mushrooms are always delicious with a touch of salt, pepper and olive oil.  Take your potatoes, sweet or regular, coat them in olive oil and wrap them in foil.  That's it!  Just 40 minutes if they are big.  So easy and really healthy, too!

Below is a great leg of lamb recipe!


There you have it!  A week full of fresh, versatile, healthy meals.

Leave comments if you use any part of this, ok?  I like to know what you think.  If you have questions or requests, leave those, too!  Pass the link around and share the ideas so we all get eating healthier!  Don't forget to focus on all of the things you CAN eat rather than the things you cannot eat.

Have a great week and see ya back here next Sunday!

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