Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beat The Heat With This Healthy 5 Minute Meal

Welcome to another Foodie edition of The Cherry On Top.

We had one heck of a heat wave a couple of days ago and putting the stove on was NOT an option.  Cooking outside is always a good idea.  Fill your crock pot and set it on a table outside and let the heat stay behind.  Grilling is another way to keep the heat outside.  I've made waffles in the iron outside, too.

After many days of extreme heat and no A/C, I needed some fresh ideas. In typical Cherry fashion, I'm looking for fast and healthy.

I chose a deep plate and put some very thinly sliced shrooms in first.

Then added some fresh eggs from the girls.

Whisked the eggs and chucked it in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Of course you can add cheese, meat, herbs...whatever will cook up in a few short minutes.  The bacon was a favourite!

The boys absolutely loved this dish and it was whipped up in minutes.  This kind of meal is great for all three meals, not just for breakfast.

Keeping it fast and healthy is our aim.  Share any speedy healthy meals you might have.


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