Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shadow Puppets From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got a new project for you, shadow puppets.

I spotted something similar on Pinterest and couldn't wait to dive in and try it out and create some puppets that my kids might like.

Simply peruse through your digital stash and find the elements you'd like to use, then use your paint bucket to black them out, if you choose to do so.  You could always leave them in colour, too.

I used elements from BoomersGirl Designs, Touched By A Butterfly, Made By Keuntje, GS Creations and an image from  

All you have to do next is print, cut and apply your images to sticks.  Then find a good wall, lamp or light and an audience and you're set.  Let your imagination go wild.

Print out your finished digital project.

Cut out your puppets and props.

Adhere your sticks.  We used bbq skewers and tape.  You can use pencils, straws, chops sticks...

Grab a light and a blank wall and you're set.  Our pictures, in the dark didn't turn out at all, but I found a lovely model to show off the puppets.  Hehehe...  You can see the shadow from the flash at least.  Ha!

A fast fun project ready for you in about an hour or just a few minutes if you use ours for personal use.  


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