Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gifts For In An Advent Calendar

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It's soon time to start counting down the days to Christmas.  Have you considered an Advent Calendar?  There are so many different ways to do them.  I found one I loved on Pinterest, designed a template for the boxes, created the number squares for all 25, shoo...and stuffed them with various goodies.  Isn't this digital kit from Vero-The French Touch just fabulous?  Of course, you can use any kit you would like or use our basic template and go totally traditional style.  Maybe even the kids would like to help?

You could decide to do just 12 days as well.  It will save a lot of time and you wouldn't need so many gifts either.

I have two little guys and will take turns with them each day.  My plan is to have most of the boxes full of tiny things like cookies and candy and every couple of days, they'll get something really good like a small Lego set, Playmobil or an opportunity to get a game download for on their tablet.  One boy will get odd numbers and the other even.  This way I'll know which small goody to put in whose box because they like different things.

Here's an example of one of the digital boxes with the numbered square insert.  You'd just download your template, clip in a paper, then print, cut, fold and glue.  The project goes together very quickly once you have everything printed.

This is an example of one of the numbered squares.

This is the basic template.  You could right click, download, trace this template on a piece of paper of your choosing and you're set!

What I love about this project, is that you only need scissors and glue.

Here are all of my boxes and you could choose to display them flat like this is you choose.

Here's an array of the goodies that are going in the boxes.  Pez candy, small Lego sets, Mixels from Lego, small Playmobil sets, tiny candy bars, lollies, foam bullets for the Nerf guns, letter cookies, money...

You can always take the packaging off to save space so that the goodies fit in the box.  These boxes are just over 2 inches square.  I'll certainly have to take the Lego out of their bags or fold them just right so they fit.

Another idea is to take some of the Lego from one kit and spread out the pieces in the boxes and they slowly make their piece that way.  I think this idea is so cool, but I'm afraid my Autistic kids will freak and this is supposed to be fun, not torture.  Hehehe...

Here's the coupon for in the box.  Roll it up, tie it with ribbon and voila!
Isn't this kit just the cutest?  My gal from Touched By A Butterfly designed it specifially for my youngest son who is a Dragon Story enthusiast.  You can find the kit here.  Currently, it's 50% off!

This is another way you can display your boxes.

I think I'll stick with this design, though.

To see our entire project and get the tif download of the template, click here.

We've got a couple of boards on Pinterest totally dedicated to Christmas and gift ideas.  We've even got the tough cookies solved as well as wrapping ideas. There you can find something for absolutely everyone and perhaps more advent ideas.

Thank you for hanging with The Cherries and if you have more ideas for inside these little boxes, share them in the comments along with a photo of your project.

Happy crafting!

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