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Free Paper Bow Template From The Cherry On Top

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I went absolutely nuts making these paper bows with digital scrapbooking paper.  This way I could completely customise my bows.  I've been wanting to make the template for these for months.  There are loads of templates on line, but I couldn't find any digital versions.  If you go to our Cutting Templates boards, you can find more examples similar to this one.  There are hundreds of ideas.  You can get a free printable version of one of these bows on Aimee Harrison Design's blog.

Once I finally committed to the project, I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was and once I started playing with the individual pieces, I could get the template just right.  You can make them as small or large as your printer will allow.

This is a mega easy project the you can whip up in under 30 minutes and we provide you with a free template.  You also need very limited supplies.  The template, computer/software, printer, paper, scissors or cutting machine, adhesive of your choice and if you want traditional elements, grab some of those.  Pearls and bling would look awesome.

Keep reading to get the free template and see the process.

I used the template several times and placed all of the different bows on one sheet to save on paper.

Print out your filled in templates and start cutting.  These shapes cut very, very easily.  Your elements, if you choose, might be difficult.  So, keep that in mind before you add them to your sheet.  The square gem was a breeze, but the butterfly, not so much.  Of course, if your lucky enough to own a cutting machine, this won't be an issue.

The piece that looks like a pair of glasses needs to be folded in ward.  Line up the bottom with the top as closely as possible before gluing.

I found the piece to wrap around the middle redundant.  If you want to use a different color or paper for it, then it's ok.  It also isn't necessary to use if you are going to put something over the top of it.

This is a great example of how your bow will look if you don't line it up just right.  The tape you won't see because I'm placing something over the top.  I used tape because I used very rigid, 300 weight paper for my bows and glue does not do the trick.  A good glue dot might work, but glue dots do not lend for much room for error.  Keep all these things in mind when choosing your adhesive.

This is one way you can use the two ends of the bow and here is what it looks like with the square jewel. An actual jewel or gem would look fantastic, too.

This is just one way you can use the ends of the bow.  Keep scrolling to see an alternative use.

Another print out, cut out and ready to be folded.  Isn't the owl adorable?

This time I put the ends of the bow like this.  I did trim off a bit of the inside edge for a clean fit.

Here's an example of a bow all with the same papers for each piece of the template.  I really like the way it turned out.

I loved this one, too!

Can you tell I pushed in the top of the bow to give it a more round effect?  When you use very rigid paper like I did here, you might put in folds.  You can see on the left loop, what I mean.  If you use lighter weight paper this will not be a problem.

This is what the template looks like, once you fill it in with your papers and if you decide to add some elements from your digital stash.  I used Aimee Harrison's new collection, Give It Your All.  It's also a feature from Freebie Friday.  If you missed that one, you've missed one awesome freebie.  Keep reading to get the link for yesterday's blog.

In this image you can see my layers, to the right.  It is a very simple template.  I also put my elements in place so I get the perfect size, then I moved it over because I didn't want it printed out like this.

This is what my page looked like when I had all the bows I wanted.  Print, cut, fold, glue and that's it.    Not sure how to use digital templates?  Check out our blog on just that.

There you have it.  A very easy project requiring little computer expertise and limited supplies meaning limited cost, too.  That's what we're all about.  Fun, fast, easy and inexpensive.

Go to our group and get the free template.

I used the same collection on Friday's blog.  You can grab a beautiful free frickie there!  Look in our side bar for yesterday's blog or scroll if it is an option.

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