Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Traditional Scrapbooking Tuesday

Welcome to Traditional Tuesdays with The Cherry On Top.

I'm in the middle of so many huge projects, both digital, traditional and personal.  I'll start mixing things up again, once the kids are back in school.  Not that this album isn't full of inspiration and fun.

Take a look at the newest page from my Trier, Germany mini album.  See the other pages we've done so far as well as a different scrap from a previous blog.

Last week, I was feeling guilty for having such a simple page.  You definitely shouldn't beat yourself up for not spending hours on one page or using dozens of embellishments.  Do what feels right to you.

This week my page is again, super simple, but I truly love it.  This chipboard font is so awesome.  If you have problems keeping your letters straight, stagger them.  It also helps save space.  My photo was light, so I backed it on dark paper.  I added my letters, then a simple flower with a coordinating button.  In my Pizza Box, was an elaborate design with these various beads you see in my layout.  Although, it was all connected, I clipped out the parts that worked for my page.

My final steps were adding a smaller, similar flower, smaller, similar button and another piece of the beaded design.  Can you imagine how fast I got this done? time wasn't even an issue.

If time is the reason you are not scrapping, then perhaps you should reconsider your scrapbooking methodology?  Peruse Pinterest and search out layouts and sketches that are clean and simple and only include a few steps.  Pin those to an inspiration board.  When you do finally make time to scrap, hit up your board for the basic design, grab your coordinated scrapbooking collections of paper and embellishments because those are truly time savers and get to work!

Here are a few other pages from the mini.  These veneer frames are great.  Ink or paint them if you like.

Repeating elements is a super way to keep your pages looking similar and connected.

Scrapbooking doesn't have to cost a fortune.  Clip out images from papers and use them as embellishments, that can often be very costly.

Repeat patterns and elements on pages throughout your album to keep up the cohesion.

Here's a 12x12 page I recently made.  I've had to hang it in the hall for now because the boys loved it so much.  I'll soon blow off the dust and put it in a sleeve and they will forget until we bring the book out, again.  They can go through our books a million times, noticing something different and feeling different emotions each time.

What does scrapbooking mean to you?  The memories you want to continue to cherish?  Those young, smiling faces you want always in your heart?  The feel of that paper under your fingers or the therapeutic aspect of making time for yourself doing what you love to do?

Make the time to scrapbook.  Make the time to do what you love because you deserve it.

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Happy scrapping!

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