Friday, July 1, 2016

Mega Freebies, Sales and Inspiration with Aimee Harrison Designs

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We dare you to keep up with today's freebies.  Hehehe...  Get your stick out and start shaking.  Scroll through and find out just how many freebies you can add to your stash.  You will be impressed.  Sit back and enjoy our inspiration and get your scrappy mojo going.

Aimee's store is 40% off for a limited time.  So, all of the lovelies you are seeing today are also on sale.  How awesome is that?!

First up, might be favourite.  Thoughts Of You is full of bight bold and black.  I love that combination.  I used a gorgeous template from HeartStrings Scrap Art, A Little Bit Arty 5.  I merged the three photo spots and clipped in one sweet panoramic photo of our beach, here in Belgium.

 Thoughts Of You

Here is a peak at the kit.

 Thoughts of You

You can find this gorgeous coordinating freebie on Aimee's blog.

 blog freebie

This baby is in the newsletter.

 newsletter freebie

How about Painted With Words?  Fabulous, right?!  More bright and bold colours to scrap with passion.  All of these little artists enjoying the outside.

 Painted With Words

This is the collection at a glance.  Really, really fabulous.  Collections are THE best way to scrap fast and to scrap beautifully.  No piecing together this and that from various kits.  It's all right here and those lovely borders you can print, laminate and use as book markers.  I also love this chunky alpha.

 Painted With Words

This freebie was in the newsletter.

 newsletter freebie

And this cluster you can find on the blog.

 blog freebie

 The Lovely Lilac is full of my favourite colour.  A soft, sweet touch of natural beauty.

 Aimee Harrison Designs

I got this in the newsletter.

 newsletter freebie

This one is also on the blog.

 blog freebie

These are the dates for this really great sale.  What a super time to buy something special.  You deserve it!

 Digital Scrapbooking Studio

How about some more bold fun?  The Merry Marigolds, paired up with a template from Aimee Harrison.  Her set of templates are totally awesome.  We had so much chilly, wet fun at a theme park, here in Belgium.  (These are just over $2!)

 The Merry Marigolds

 You can grab this coordinating freebie on the blog.

 blog freebie

Here is a little more layout love with Aimee's kits.  Click on any of the images to get where you need to go.

 Summer Garden Collection 360

This is Aimee's Boom Bam Collection.  As you can imagine, I was in love!  How perfect for my boys?!  I turned this layout into a quick page.  You can insert your very own photos.  Go over to Aimee's blog and you can get it for FREE!

 Boom Bam!

This was designed using Aimee's Facebook Freebie.  How gorgeous, right?!  And it's free?!

How terrific are all of these freebies from Aimee?  Visit her blog, snag a ton of free stuff, then pop over to the Digital Scrapbooking Studio and grab your favourite collection.  I know, it is hard choosing.

I've got one more for you.  This beautiful collection and a free cluster from My Happiness.

 My Happiness

This is saved as a png.  All you need to do is right click and save or you can click here.

Thanks so much for popping by The Cherry.  We'll be back tomorrow with some nifty colouring pages.  Please remember that all of our goodies are for Personal Use ONLY and goodies designed with other designers products need to follow their terms of use.

Have a super scrappy weekend!

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