Friday, January 13, 2017

Free Friday With Scrapbooking Inspiration and Aimee Harrison Designs

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.

I'm warning you!  This is one blog packed full of gorgeous scrapbooking inspiration and some pretty sweet freebies, too.  Get scrappy this weekend!  You deserve it!

I'm high lighting my gal, Aimee Harrison and Heart Strings Scrap Art.  Bryony is one amazingly talented template designer.  I bet you'll fall in love with her templates and of course, you're already a fan of Aimee's.

Check out some of our most recent freebies, a wide array of digital scrapbooking pages that will certainly inspire you, Aimee and Bryony's new goodies at the Studio and The Cherry's newest templates in the Etsy shop, Kreative Design Studio.

I'm going to hold you hostage!  Hehehe...  You're going to have to scroll through all of this loveliness for the link to the freebie, above.  You'll find it at the bottom of the blog.

This is my own layout with Winter Wonderland from Aimee Harrison Designs and using Heartstrings Scrap Art templates with the same name.  That's a shot from my place in Germany, over looking the snowy vineyards and mountains.  I love that wooden house, too!

 Winter Wonderland from Aimee Harrison Designs

Just look at all of these beautiful elements in Aimee's kit.  With the help of Bryony's templates, you too can design a gorgeous layout with the greatest of ease.  How about JJ standing for the camera WITH his patch on?!  I think the snow might have seriously affected his brain.  Hehehe...

 Winter Wonderland Templates from Heartstrings Scrap Art

There is a peek at the beautiful templates.  Hit up that preview to see the shop.  You will be awed!

These are my Entitled templates and below you'll see some layouts from some very talented ladies.

I just love what Hilary did with this!  She used Clever Monkey's kit, Snapshots.  What a perfect combination!   The above templates are sold separately at just .99 cents a piece.  Due to Etsy's tiny download capacities, I can't always keep the templates together.

Scrappy Sister Theresa, always scraps up her little cutie so nicely.

Magalie does wonders with my templates, don't you think?  How fun is this?!

 Puurfect Templates

 Perhaps one of my favourite sets of templates!  It might be because I just love kitties.  They are not just for kitties, though.  Follow that outline and place a dog element where the kitties are and you're set.  Ditch the animals and use it as you like.  Ya gotta love the flexibility of templates.

 PuurFect Templates

Anita is definitely one of my top scrappy sisters.  Her work is just beautiful.  I was so impressed with all of the elements from the template she used.

 PUURfect Templates

Jenna has such super talent, too!  Look at her gorgeous fur baby and her gorgeous page!

 Heartful Templates

These are my newest templates and I haven't stopped "Eeking!"  Hehehe...Just look what some of the ladies have done with these.  Above you'll see Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around's layout. The kit hasn't released yet. Looks to me like she used all of my elements in the template and just clipped in some papers.  This is just amazing!

 Heartful Templates

Did your jaw just drop at Magalie's layout?  Mine sure did when she sent this image through.  The colours!  The photo!  What fun and what passion!  Bellisae, xoxo provided the kit for this layout.

 Heartful Templates

 Dana scrapped up this delightful page with a kit from Akizo.  Pretty awesome!

I promised you freebies and if you know The Cherry, you know that I'm good for them!  Hehehe...Above, you'll see my latest, exclusive freebie in my wonderful group.  Join us over there!  We have so much fun talking scrap.  hehehe...

 free template and much more

Anita designed this whimsical, scrap-a-licious page using a free template of ours.  Click on the preview to get to the blog with the download link.  It's a part of a BLOG TRAIN full of FREE TEMPLATES.  Talk about awesome sauce?!

OK, you have been wonderfully patient.  I hope you have been inspired and that you enjoy today's freebie which you download, HERE!!! Hehehehe...

Happy scrapping!

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