Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hybrid Saturday's Bringing You Closer To Digital Scrapbooking

Welcome to The Cherry's, Hybrid Saturday.

I've got a really fun scrapbooking challenge for you, today.  As you may know, I dabble both with traditional scrapbooking as well as digital scrapbooking.  Recently, I designed these digital templates for in my shop, Kreative Design Studio.  I thought it would be fun to turn the rainbow of hearts into a traditional scrap.

I've provided a free template for you so we can scrap this layout together, traditionally!  I've provided a template with the basic shapes you see on the template as well as how many times you need them.  Keep reading to see how it all comes together, grab the free template, check out some other items in our shop, get an eye full of inspiration and get scrapping!

 Heartful templates from The  Cherry On Top

Here's a few layouts the ladies on my team have made, using the template.  You can see how this can totally be lifted for your traditional scrap.  Besides, I got the idea from a traditional scrap!  Hehehe...

 Heartful Templates From The Cherry On Top
From Dana
 Heartful Templates from The Cherry On Top
From Magalie

Here is the template you can use to help you scrap this layout.  Use our preview and layouts as a guide to help you along.  Simply right click on the image and add it to your downloads.  The size is perfect to fit.  I did make each heart a touch smaller in my digital layout.  You can decide how you want to deal with that.  Either use these as they are or use them as a template to trace around the paper of your choice.
You can always just mat your photo instead of using a frame.

Digital scrapbooking is a completely different experience and I am in no way trying to talk you OUT of traditional scrapbooking, but I am trying to talk you into digital.  I do both and so can you.  I've got blogs dedicated to starting and getting started for FREE.  I'm talking software, goodies, everything.  If you can get started for free, why not try it?

Digital scrapbooking is a lot cheaper.  You can use the same papers and elements over and over.  If you are having problems with your hands or the physical side of traditional scrapbooking is becoming difficult, digital might just be perfect.  Digital scrapbooking doesn't take up any space.  It's all in your computer and maybe your EHD.  There is ZERO MESS and it certainly is a LOT faster than traditional scrapbooking.  There is no glue or adhesive to buy and I suppose in some ways it may even be environmentally, more friendly.  If you're not super with aesthetic, then you can even use digital templates like the ones I design to make your pages perfectly fantastic.  There are just so many reasons to consider it.

I couldn't get my printer to connect!  Ugh!  So, I just used some heart punches, drew the clouds and the the colourful hearts were on a paper and I cut them out.  I'll have a full tutorial for this on my Traditional Tuesday blog.  Not bad, though.  I'd love to see what you design with the template!  Show it and all of your scrappy endeavours in my Cherry group.  We have so much fun over there and we'd love to have you join us.

 Free Princess Bunting From The Cherry On Top

If you are all about hybrids or FREE hybrids, then check back at previous blogs for freebies, hybrids and so much more.  This Princess bunting is free and coordinates with other Princess goodies in our shop.

Happy scrapping!

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