Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Free Scrapbooking Photo Reel Template, Tutorial and Inspiration from The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I promised to have a photo reel on the blog for my Traditional Scrappy Sisters and I am delivering.  I've got plenty of inspiration to get your Mojo flowing, a tutorial and some helpful hints on how to scrap with these reels both digitally and traditionally.

Scroll along with us, download the free template and get scrappy!

 Lissy Kay Templates

Lissy Kay Designs has some mega cool reel template pages.  I've linked up all of my scrap pages, to her shop with the goodies.

Above you can see an alternative and EASY way to scrap these reels.  I thought the reel looked super with this pretty patterned paper and in place of all of those tiny, sometimes hard to fill photo spots, another patterned paper.

 Lissy Kay Templates

Since I had to watch the dog while everyone else frolicked in the river, my photos were from further away and were not really easy to scrap until this template came along.  It was the perfect solution!  Multiple photos, that were tiny.  They can be used for your other photos, that have a lot of background around the main image.

If you choose to use it digitally, you could opt for merging all of the photo spots as well as the centre layer...

Add your photo with a lot of background, crop it into place and crop in a pretty paper for the reel, to get a look like my swam reel.

I'm offering several different templates in a pack that you can purchase in my Kreative Design Studio shop.  This example above, is for larger photos.  It might be a bit easier to scrap up traditionally and I've left a separate photo spot to use as a template.  Take the separate spot, put it over your photo and use a grease pencil to trace around it.  Cut out the 8 spots and adhere them over the reel template in their respective place.  Each spot can be moved, digitally to your desired location.  They may not be just perfect.

There's a larger view of my swan reel.  These guys were so beautiful, until they spotted us.  Then they came on strong and we went a running!  hehehe...

This is what the larger spots look like.  I reely like the way they came out.  Hehehe...  If you are into hybrid and saving a LOT of time, hehehehe...you could use the digital templates to design something like above, on your computer, add the "low" shadow to make it appear that the spots are under the reel, print it out and use it traditionally.

 Lissy Kay Templates

These pages were made with the older set of reels from Lissy Kay, but they are equally as awesome as the new set.  The reels are great for showing off a lot of photos and featuring your favourite.  Above, I even left a few of the spots with just paper in them.  You can do that to show off whatever elements you may have on top of them or if ya don't have enough photos.

 Lissy Kay Templates

Here's yet another way to use the reels in Lissy's templates.  I used black paper for the spots and a fun design paper for the reel and clipped out the centre to show my background paper underneath.  How versatile!

 Photo Reel Templates from The Cherry On Top

You'll find my templates even more flexible!  I've got NINE different reels for you!  If you're not super savvy with the software, then all of these options will be ideal.  I've showed off a few in the preview, above.  Some of the templates provide that "low" shadow I mentioned earlier.  It is to give the "effect" that the spot is under the reel.  Of course, if you are using these traditionally, that won't matter and you can decide to clip out the squares and put the photos under the reel, though it would be more time consuming.  Just 1,99 for 9 templates!

 Free Photo Reel Template from The Cherry On Top

This freebie is no longer available, but don't worry this blog and our new site is full of free stuff.

I also found a pretty nifty blog where you can get a free SVG for another reel template and there's another tutorial there, too.  It's for the traditional scrappers.

If you use it and want to show it off, put it in our scrappy group on Facebook or leave a link in the comments where we can find it.

Thanks so much for hanging out with The Cherry!

Happy scrapping!