Friday, February 17, 2017

Stay Magical Scrapbooking Collection From Made By Keuntje and The Cherry On Top With Unicorns, Glitter and Rainbows, Oh, My!

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Eek!  I'm just a little excited about my collaboration with Made By Keuntje!  This collection just embodies who I am.  All of this bright, vivid colours and whimsical unicorns and rainbows.  Eek!  It's packed full of fun and frivolity.  So many flowers, glitters and papers to choose from and that's not all.  We've even got coordinating templates, quick pages, stackers AND planner goodies, too.  Ya see why I'm so excited?!

Keep reading to check out this totally awesome collection, get an eye full of inspiration that'll have you dying to scrap with it and consider downloading my tiny freebie.  Hehehe...

Holy, wow!  I just realised that the little girl here is on the toilet!  Hehehe...  What a fun, fun page Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around has done.  She used my template and Dana's fabulous goodies to scrap up this fantastic creation.  I can't decide what part I like best.

Let's take a peep at all of this awesomeness!

 Made By Keuntje

Rainbows, clouds, unicorns, sprinkles, hearts, goodness that is one heck of a pack of terrific embellishments.  Scrap your heart out, Baby!

 Made By Keuntje

Dana has designed several different paper packs for this collection.  It's so hard to choose a favourite.

 Made By Keuntje

 I'm loving the word art, too.  I'm dreadful when it comes to journaling and often the word art is just the piece that page is missing.

 Planner Printables

Here are the planner printables I designed.  A sheet full of borders or tapes, another sheet with a few more borders, some lovely journal or project life style cards, banners, buttons...Just what you need to have a really exciting planner, agenda or just plain stickers to use on anything. 

Tip:  When you print on a semi or gloss paper like sticker paper, the colours come out more true and crisp. Another tip, if your printer has a "high quality" option, use it.

The printables come in png format so you can use them traditionally as well as digitally.  I've left the shapes super easy to cut out if you don't have one of those fancy cutters.  Only 2,99 for three sheets!  That's just a buck a piece.

 Stay Magical Stacked Badges

These are my stackers or badges or whatever you decide to call them.  Don't they just sparkle and make you smile?  So much fun stacked up onto these.  I love them!!!  These would make beautiful stickers or embellishments for your pages either traditionally or digitally scrapped and just ,99 cents for six stacks.

 Stay Magical Templates

Here are my pride and joy templates.  I have notebooks and boards full of inspiration.  When Dana asked if I'd collaborate, I went straight for them.  I started with the unicorn and then sought out some designs that would accommodate rainbows and other youthful fun.  These 4 magical templates are just 1,99 in my shop. They are split in 2!!

Stay Magical Quick Pages

Is that unicorn insane or what?!  Is that not total Cherry style?!  Hehehe...Quick pages are just fantastic when you don't have time to scrapbook or you don't scrapbook at all.  A quick page is a fully scrapped page.  All you have to do is put your favourite photo behind the page, in the spot.  These pages are in png format, so they can be opened in most any software.

Print them out in your desired size (8x8 and 6x6 is my favourite size and your printer should accommodate those sizes and a 12x12 is easy to convert to these other sizes) and slide them right in a sleeve or have them professionally printed in a book via a company like Persnickety or

Quick pages make great wall photos and screen savers, too!

 Stay Magical Quick Pages

I wanted so badly to get a folded shadow on the yellow petals, but I could only figure out how to get them to go up and down and not left and right.  Grrr..Hehehe...If ya plan on lifting this page, traditionally, take your heart punch, then do a soft fold up the middle of your heart/petal to give your flower dimension.

 Stay Magical Quick Pages

I used a card for inspiration for this page and I scrapped my best friend's lovely daughter.  I kept the word bits generalised so you can put nearly any photo in the spot.  Even a landscape picture would fit.

 Stay Magical Quick Pages

There's one of my nieces.  Isn't she just a delight?  I bet you've got the perfect shot to go right in that photo spot!

 Stay Magical Templates

I grabbed a couple of the ladies pages to show off more of the kit and my templates.  Above is Dana's spectacular page that puts the entire collection in the perfect light.

 Stay magical Templates

Here is Marie's page.  Eek!  Just what I envisioned when I designed the template.  Look at those cheeks!  Such a fun page!

 Stay magical Templates

I cannot believe what the ladies have done with this extraordinary template.  We've got a lot more inspiration on our social spots like Facebook and Pinterest.  There is so much more to see! Magalie worked her magic filling in all of those flowers and blinging up the gemmy outline.  How sweet?!

I hope you enjoyed this entry as much as I did!  Here is your fabulous, Friday freebie.  It's for personal use ONLY.  Thanks so much for checking us out, today!

 Word Art Freebie

Here's what you may have missed this week.  I've got new photo reel templates in the shop and I'm offering one for free on the blog so you can see how it works.  I've also got several tutorials on how to use these reels both traditionally and digitally.

 Photo Reel Templates Free photo Reel Template

How about a couple of other fabulous freebies around DigiLand?


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 Bethaicreations freebie

Take a look at Benthaicreations lovely contribution for March's blog train with MyMemories.  Isn't it just divine?!  Click on the preview, hop over to Ben's blog, get the freebie and hop around to all of the lovely designers.

 FREE kit from Palvinka!

Palvinka is totally doing it up for her challenge.  Download this beautiful, FREE kit, get scrapping and join in on the challenge.  Find out more by clicking on the preview.

 Free Commercial Use

Did ya know that every month, Just Jamie and Mommyish (two of my all time favourite Commercial Use designers) give Commercial Use freebies via their club at The Lilypad?  Click on that preview to find out more.  10 NEW products for just $9,99 in their club.

You are totally set to scrap.  Jump over to our shop, grab this super, duper collection and get scrappy!

Consider hanging with The Cherries in our Facebook group.  We talk scrap, show off work and have a few giggles.

Come on back tomorrow for another freebie, this time hybrid style and with our new kitty inspired collection!



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