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Scrapbooking A Sun Burst, Traditionally With Free Template

Welcome to Traditional Tuesday with The Cherry On Top.

I'm going to show you how to scrap a traditional layout with a sunburst pattern.  I'll provide the basic template needed and it can be used both traditionally and digitally and I've got a step by step tutorial for you, too.

Keep reading to see how easy this is!

Awe, aren't they so cute?  That's my mom and youngest son about 9 years ago.  Feels like I haven't seen my mom since then, either. Boo hoo hoo...I'm going to get a bit in to the process of starting a scrapbooking page as well.  It's often a question I get asked.

The above layout is digital and it's the one that sparked interest in my mostly traditional group, Scrapbook Layouts on Facebook.  I thought I'd provide my scrappy sisters with the template and a step by step tutorial for binging this beautiful digital layout out of the computer and into your hands.

(The template is at the bottom of the entry.)

The template is this simple.  Just one elongated triangle for the ray and either a large square or circle to show off your lovely picture.

First, the process of choosing goodies to scrap.  I've said it over and over.  Using collections is THE most efficient way to scrap.  It saves so much time.  Most of what you need should be in the collection and of course, everything matches so you don't have to go through tons of scrap stuff for just one page.  I must say, what makes a page look unfinished or less attractive is when the papers and elements do not coordinate well and that is often because it's not from a collection.

I wasn't sure exactly how my photo spot would turn out so I had two pictures ready.  One going the long way and the other, the wide.

I wasn't sure if I was going to go for the square of the circle.  Circles are not always easy to scrap, traditionally.  Take a look at the bottom picture of my pop and JJ.  It's a great shape for a circle.  It didn't fit proper on my template, though.  The photo was too small.  What you could do is, make a nice circle of the photo and then layer it up until you get to the size of the template or larger if you like.  You'll want your matting for the centre image to be rather large to cover up the imperfections that you are going to have with the burst.

It took me forever to come up with my background and I finally went with the black.  It was a dominant colour in my photo and it went well with all of my design paper.  I literally, take every paper and place it next to or on top of all of the papers to make sure they coordinate.

I didn't know exactly how many rays I needed and I wanted a few of the same ones for more cohesion and better balance.  You can place them very close or further apart, like I did.

Slide your rays around until you get the look you want, before you start gluing.  It took me a while to get them just right.  I kept my hand in the centre of the rays to hold them in place.  Consider sliding them forward and back as well.  Remember, the ray is skinny at one end and leaves for amazing flexibility of your overall look. Then, I took a glue stick, glued just a bit in each ray at a point where I could still move them a touch or slide another ray under if necessary. (Near the centre.)

Once you've got your rays where want you them and they are glued down, flip your page over and cut off all of the excess via the back.  You could do it via the front, but the back seemed easier to me and I was sure NOT to cut in to my background.

You'll have to decide what you want to do with the excess in the middle.  I just snipped off a few of the tips that may have shown outside of the photo spot which is why I didn't glue at the ends.  If you leave all of the rays overlapping, you will have a bit of layering which will elevate your photo.  I wanted to do that anyway so I left the layers.  I even used thick foam tape to lift it even more. If you want a flat page, you'll have to snip the excess.

Now you can see how the rays have been place and snipped.  It doesn't matter that my centre is an absolute mess because my photo covers it all up.  Just like the rugs in my house covers up all of the dirt.  Hehehe...Notice how the photo mirrors most of the colours of my papers?  You don't HAVE to do that, but it sure makes the entire page go together all that much better. I used a white layer under the photo to give contrast between my photo and the background.  It makes the photo stand out more.

Though I used a collection, I wasn't digging the elements I had left over.  It was mainly, really flat word bits and speak bubbles (which I loath)  hehehe...So I made my own from the papers in my layout and the collection.  I have these chipboard flowers that I trace around.  I'm not a huge fan of chipboard I do love to use them as templates.  For the record, I have zero fancy scrap gadgets.  Even my paper cutter is mega simple and 20 years old!  Hehehe...You don't have to have a lot of money to scrap something beautiful.  I traced around my chipboard flower and drew this very basic leaf design on some coordinating paper.  The wooden buttons are from a local discount store.  With a circle punch, I punched out my lucky #7 and used it in the centre to bring out the black from the page.

Make your elements extra interesting by bending either up or down.  I used my finger nails to roughen up all of the edges of my leaves and tips of my flower, too.

I thought the page looked a bit flat, so I added these two strips or weathered edged papers.  I used my nails and a regular nail file to get the look.  Ya don't need anything special.

A little sticker in the corner, my cluster and a great pic.  Good as done!

This is your free template.  Right click an save to your downloads.  It is in png format so you can also use it digitally.


I posted these two digital layouts in my super scrappy group and the sisters were loving the reels.  I thought they worked great with these odd tiny pictures I had of the boys in the Mosel River, in Germany.  I'm not crazy about working with tiny,mulitiple photos, so for the other layout, I just used papers instead and even used a design paper for the reel.

Next week, we'll be looking at how to traditionally scrap with these reels AND I will be providing a free template so you can make your own pretty page with a reel like this one.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry!  

Happy scrapping!

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