Thursday, June 8, 2017

June's Free Calendar with You're My Lil' Girl Scrapbooking Collection

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I am so fired, right?!  My goodness, I'll have to schedule in my calendars because I always forget them.  Even when I have them finished ahead of time!  If you've been following over all of these years, you know well, that I operate with over 200 windows open for 18 hours or more.  Hehehe...In this sense I really am a true blonde.  Maybe I should let up on people who use the blonde jokes?  Hehehe...

I love this calendar so much and here I am bringing it to you late.  Ugh!  My deepest of apologies.  I'm writing it in the agenda and perhaps even scheduling it on the blog so I don't forget.

This collection is just so, so gorgeous.  You're My Lil' Girl is a collection designed by Throwing Some Scraps Around and Made By Keuntje and I've been using it for a lot of different things.  Of course I've got some traditional scrapbooking pages, this calendar and have you seen the other hybrid project I designed?

Keep reading to see it and grab it.

You're My Lil' Girl Calendar Freebie.  Right click and save to your downloads.

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 You're My Lil' Girl
 You're My Lil' Girl, Made By Keuntje Template

Here's my page using one of Dana's templates.  That is one of my nieces over ten years ago.  My hair is so less frizzy!  Hehehe...My hubs even had some hair then, too.  Ha!  These hand drawn bunny elements are simply delightful.

 You're My Lil' Girl

Above, is a card I designed for my mom for Mother's Day.  Do you see what I did there?  I'm one of those people who like to try to get several birds with one stone.  As many as I can.  I used the basic calendar background, made a few slight adjustments and added my journaling in the centre in place of the calendar.  Tip: Keep your pages in their layered formats.  You never know when you might need them, again.

Tip:  I often switch out photos, shrink up or down for other scrap projects and it saves a lot of time.  Especially, when you want to throw together a fast mini album.  Use pages you've already have scrapped and pop in other pictures.

Here's some very recent pictures of my beautiful niece.  As you can see this make up craze hasn't taken off in Europe.  Thank goodness!  Hehehe...At 15 she's still pure and natural.  I'm a mascara and lip gloss kind of gal, myself.  Hehehe...

I wanted you to see all of the sides of this fabulous collection.  All of that pink and a few baby elements does not mean that's all you can scrap, babies.  I scrapped for my mother, my teenage niece and my mom.  Never let a theme get in the way of your design.  At times you may have to use a few of the same elements over and over, but that's the beauty of it.

Sorry again, for being late.  I'm implementing a few things to try and see it doesn't happen again.  I'm really, really excited about my calendar for next year.  It's going to be quite different, but it is going to be spectacular!

Maybe I should crank it all out one of these weekends and get it all ready so I don't miss?  Hehehe...

Thanks so much for putting up with my spazoid posting.  I hope the freebies and inspiration make up for it.

 Dog Daze Scrap N' Chat

Oh!  Before I forget (again).  I'll be hosting another Scrap N' Chat, which means a free kit when you participate.  We did a Scrap a Cat and Chat last time and this time, I'll be offering a few goodies from the Dog Daze Collection which is nearly ready for the shop.  We had a great time for the last one and I'll bet you'll have fun with us this time.  Join my group so you don't miss it.  That is where we will be hosting it any way.

Happy Scrapping!