Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Scrapbooking Is For Everyone, Even You

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I got scrappy with my aunt last week and thought I'd show off our pages.  She's making a book for her son's 50th birthday.  She drove all of the way over from Antwerp so I brought out a nice stash of things from my hobby room.  I told her to just bring her photos and I'll take care of the rest.

I haven't been traditional scrapping for a few weeks.  It felt great to get glue on my fingers and try to enhance my traditional skills.

Perhaps you can see with my pictures, that I don't really have a sophisticated scrap stash.  Just purchases from here and there and no fancy tools either.  For my aunt, it's pretty impressive.  Hehehe...

Above, I used goodies from a Graphic 45 collection.  Collections save so much time and they are the best way of ensuring an awesome page.  Often when people try to match things up from all over the place, it looks like it.  It looks busy, cluttered, the colours are off and there is no cohesion.  Avoid all of that by purchasing collections.  They might be pricey if you can't get them on sale, but they often go a very long way.

My aunt would often ask advice on the basic format and it was not easy.  Our styles are completely different so my advice was often snubbed.  No worries.  She asked, I answered and she didn't like those answers.  Hehehe...That's just the way it goes sometimes.

Everyone has their own style and it's not to say that one is better than the other.  They are all just different.  I've been doing this for nearly two decades and I often reminded my aunt of this so she didn't have to keep beating herself up.

I kept telling her the most important thing is that she's having fun scrapbooking.  Even the result isn't as important as enjoying the process.  She admitted that she indeed, really like scrapbooking. Yay!  That's her page, above.  Not a bad result at all, I find.  Decent balance and repetition with an emphasis on the photos.  Great!

Here is another one of her pages.  Funny how the paper looks a lot like that wall paper.  Hehehe...She's definitely in to getting a lot of photos on one page.  She reminded me that her son is 50 years old.  That's a LOT of pictures!  hehehe...

I had up a page from Pinterest on my computer that she could reference for some basic design layouts.  She really liked that idea.  Here's a coordinating, simple, pretty page she scrapped up.

As the day was winding down, I did get a feeling that she wanted to get as many pages finished as possible.  Hehehe...  I can totally understand that!  I wish I could get more than 2 pages out a day.  It rarely often is, though.

Here was my second page.  We have to keep our pages very flat because of the type of scrapbook she is using.  It's got like 100 pages in it, you can't take the pages out and it has that vellum sheet to go over the top of each page.  This is from a collection.  Hence, the perfectly matching papers and embellishments.

To me this page is mega basic and simple.  She called it "special".  I love it as a basis, but I'm ready to add a lot more goodies.  Hehehe...

I'm leaving you with this photo of my washi organiser.  I'd love to take credit for this great idea, but I found it on Pinterest.  Hehehe...It's one of those mug trees.  I haven't used this thing in years, until now.

Please, scrapbook because you love it.  Don't bother comparing your pages with other people's.  If you are enjoying the process, that's really all that matters.  The End.

Happy scrapping!

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