Saturday, June 17, 2017

New Summer Bucket List Free Printable

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.

Last year, I had these free printable bucket lists for young kids and teens.  This year, I'm providing a blank list that you can fill in yourself.  We all live in different places and have different desires and likes so this way you can create your own, customised list.

I will provide another list of some more ideas in case you need some help.  It sure is a huge benefit for everyone when you have this type of resource to go to when discipline is becoming a problem which usually means boredom has set in.  Nip it in the bud with a bucket list or a jar full of ideas.

Don't forget to get a chore list going, too.  The kids have plenty of time in the summer to learn new life skills that will help them and YOU, too!  No excuses on this one.  All kids can do stuff around the house.  Our deal is no games or phones until the chores are done and believe me, it works like magic. Even with kids that have disabilities and differentiating functionality.

Trust me, you will thank yourself and you'll be giving your kids a feeling of accomplishment and responsibility.  Click here and here to see some of our posts on chore charts.

This link no longer exists.  The blog is full of fabulous freebies.  Check out our newer posts.

 Free Summer Bucket List Printable

Here is the free printable.  Let's look at some things you can put in there.  You can bring up this page in your software of choice and type in your very own list or you can print and write them in.  Maybe the kids would like to write them in?

I have two bucket lists from last year.  One for older kids and the other for little ones.  To get to them, click here.  There will be more ideas there and the lists are ready to go.  Just print them out.

In just any order, here are some things you can put on your list:

-  collect sea shells                            
-  play frisbee
-  have a glow party   (I've linked up a bunch of ideas on Pinterest for you.)
-  go on a night walk
-  build a Fairy House   (Here are more ideas from Pinterest.)
-  paint a rock
-  eat dessert first (I love that one!  This is our dessert board.)
-  plant a container garden  (More ideas for you.)
-  make a tie dye shirt  (A few tutorials can be found here.)
-  build a fort
-  volunteer
-  go swimming at night
-  bake something yummy
-  make dinner for the family
-  read a book (or 10)
-  go to the park
-  make home made pizza  (A lot of recipe ideas for you.)
-  play flash light tag
-  make sun tea  (I love sun tea.  It's very easy and there's a lot of recipes.)
-  play in the rain
-  have a family game night (or 2)
-  start a journal
-  go bowling
-  go to the library
-  wash the car
-  have a movie night
-  make s'mores  (More recipes for you.)
-  go swimming
-  fly a kite   (Here are some ideas on how to build a kite.)
-  sew something  (Our Sew Easy board.)
-  send a letter or post card
-  make your own slime or play dough  (Many recipes for both.  I'm definitely doing this over the summer with my boys.)

 Best Summer Ever
Best Summer Ever, Kim Cameron Designs

Isn't it great?!  All of the things you can do with scrapbooking kits?  I designed this page in a traditional fashion.  Yes, my boys are in pyjamas.  I was just thrilled they not only wanted to go outside, but they also wanted to ride bikes.  It could have all been blown if I told them they had to change.  Hehehehe...

 Best Summer Ever
Best Summer Ever, Kim Cameron Designs

Here's a look at Kim Cameron's awesome kit.  I bet you can use it for so many things besides your super summer photos.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  I hope you and your family have the best summer, ever.

Happy crafting!