Friday, June 9, 2017

Dad's Day Ideas with Freebies and Crafting Inspiration

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I just love blog entries like this one!  Full of inspiration, ideas, craft projects, hybrid and digital ideas, too.  There really is something for everyone.  Whether you like getting glitter and ink on your fingers or you prefer the screen and mouse pad, this blog will have something for you.

Let's start off with a few of our projects we've made for Dad.  We'll put the freebies and more page inspiration at the end.

 free template free Father's Day template
Check out these cards and mini albums we made using our free apron template.  You can go all out traditional or hybrid.  We will show you how.  Above is just a flip card done digitally, printed, cut out and simply added the string to keep it all together and add a nice, soft touch of texture.  Click on either image for a full tutorial and find out where to get that free template.

 free template tutorial for Dad's Day mini album
Click for tutorial.

I designed this mini album traditional and digitally.  The inserts with photos is done digitally while the cover is done traditionally.  This one was for my dad.  The full tutorial is linked up to the image.  Believe me, you save a lot of time doing it digitally.

Click for tutorial.

I designed a template for this card and cannot find it anywhere.  Grrr....I went surfing around and found a digital template from MissTiina.  You can get it by clicking the image, below.  I do have a full tutorial for the above card with a lot tips and tricks that will make the project go fast.  Your kids might even be able to do this one.  If you have a touch of computer savvy, you may be able to design your own template by checking mine out.  It is pictured.

I typed in Father's Day cards on Pinterest and got a lot of images with this kind of card in mind if you need more help.  We've got a board, Gift for Guys that might help you even further.

 free template
Free Template

 free Father's Day Printable
Free Printable

Above is a free printable I made last year with Throwing Some Scraps Around kit.  Click on the image above and check out more inspiration and get that download.  It's a bottle tag made just for dad.

Here are a few more free Dad related freebies.

 Free kit
My Hero from Made By Keuntje

 freebie hop from The Lilypad
Freebie found At MyMemories

Check out our manly inspiration.  We don't always use flowers on our dude pages which can be puzzling for some folks.  What else do ya use?  Look at our elements used in the following scrapbooking pages.

 Dad'll Fix It
 LouCee Creations, Dad'll Fix It

Metal is a great touch to pimp of the testosterone in your pages.  Hehehe...Leather is great, too.  No flowers, here.  Stars, chevrons, strips, screws...Such cute photos of my little bub.

The above page was made with a kit geared towards mechanics and tools, but when ya pull just the right elements out, you can use the kit for anything.

 Throwing Some Scraps Around, Dad

Remember the birds with one stone from last time?  I used your free printable for Dad to make this page.  Hehehe...Think dually with your digital scrap.

 Throwing Some Scraps Around, Dad

Ok, lots of layers, one blue flower and my dear, old dad.  A masculine touch with that colour palette yet warmed up with the wood and that toasty orange colour.

 Alexis Design Studio
A page using Alexis Design Studio goodies.

What a great way to show off dad, being a dad and grand dad.

Here are a few pages from a designer who isn't designing at the moment.  I thought they were great examples of masculine pages that might inspire you or get the wheels turning.  The denim looks so great and more brown and worn elements and papers.

How beautifully simple is that page?  Go right down the middle and use tiny clusters.  You'll be finished in minutes!

 My Hero
My Hero, LouCee Creations

I love making a frame with word bits.  This kit has a military theme, but no problem here.  It also has a nice masculine edge.

Oh, what the heck!  I went a touch feminine with this one.  Hehehe...I've got no problem using flowers or pink in my boy and man pages.  Hehehe...

We recently designed these Men In Mind templates.  They are a great guide for your guy photos and look, NO flowers.  Check out the kinds of elements we used and use similar ones in your pages.

 Men In Mind Templates

A touch of inspiration with our templates.

 Men In Mind Templates
 Route 66, Kim Cameron Designs

I really love these two pages using our templates.  No flowers in either one of them, but of course you  can use them with the templates, no problem.  These templates are very versatile.  Use them for absolutely any photos you want to scrap.  We just wanted to help guide scrappers who don't like the feminine touches in their photos of men and boys.

 Men In Mind Templates
 Bad To The Bone, Kim Cameron Designs

That's our wrap up for today.  Tomorrow's blog will have free printables for Dad.  

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherries.  Consider following us here, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and definitely join our group.  I've got exclusive freebies, sneak peaks and friendly chatter. I'll be hosting another Scrap N' Chat soon.  That means a free kit not even released yet and a lot of fun.

Happy scrapping and crafting for Dad!


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