Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Get Scrappy For Christmas with Hand Made, Upcycled Gifts and Cards

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Since that most wonderful time of the year is approaching, I thought I'd get together a blog full of crafty ideas and inspiration that will help you make it through, with a smile.  I make a lot of digital, hybrid and hand made goodies as gifts.  I thought I'd share some of those with you so you can amp up your arsenal of ideas for this holiday season.

These all come from previous blogs so you can simply click on the images and get to those blogs to see more relative information or even get step by step tutorials and coordinating free stuff.

 upcycled cards

We started making cards to send out a few months.  I'll share a few of those with you here.  You can use nearly all of your cards for scrapbooking.  Even if it's just for the rigidity of a well made card.  I often just paper over a card that is very rigid or with a unique kind of format.

I often wonder if any of my recipients remember that an element from their card was from a card that they have given me.  Hehehe...

 Up Cycled cards

Cut out the part of the card that works for you and get creative crafty!  Try to keep those colours coordinating for a less busy, clustered finish.

 up cycled cards

I used this really pretty card for the cover of an album I gave as a gift.  Easy, right?

 up cycled cards

Look carefully at all of those inserts.  Even those pretty, gold metallic strips are from cards and they match perfectly with my gift.  All I had to do was add a touch more gold around and these pages were finished.

 Up Cycled Christmas ornament/money holder

The above ornament is not just an ornament with a picture.  It's a mini album and ya see the money coming out of the sides?  The picture served as a page cover and a pocket.  These are upcycled CD's.  There is a step by step tutorial for this one.  Click here or on the image.

This was a small, mini album in a tin can.  You can use cards as backgrounds and or use goodies from cards to decorate the pages because they are so small, you don't need a lot of things to put on them.  I went way back and used really fun pics of times long ago and even dared using pictures of those no longer with us.  It was a tear jerker!  Hehehe...

 free folding mini album/gift / money card holder
Just last week I showed off several different ways to use our free folding mini template.  I've got a video and step by step for them.  They can be made in minutes and use a minimal amount of supplies.  Great when you are caught up in the rush.

I totally recommend going to Pinterest and looking up recycled Christmas cards.  There are some phenomenal ideas there.  I've also got a lot of boards there to help you with recipes, gift ideas for the difficult ones, stocking stuffers, home made gifts, patterns, printables...

I hope we could help you out this holiday season.  Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!