Tuesday, November 7, 2017

How To Scrapbook Fast

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Today, we're going to give a few tips on how to scrap fast. 5 ways to help pump out the pages and projects in a more efficient manner so that you when it's time to scrap, you won't need to spend hours behind the craft table.

Whether you're scrapping traditionally or digitally, having an idea of a page layout before you even take a seat, will help save a lot of time.  Keeping your pages and albums simple will not only take minutes off the timer, but save you cash and make your supplies last longer.  Going smaller will also have the exact same advantages.  Get a go to place when the mojo is running low and being organised is a huge help when ya want to shave off time as well.

We're here to help you get scrappy!  Let's dive into all of these ways to save you time scrapbooking so that ya can't use it as an excuse any more.  Hehehe...

What you're seeing here is some of my newest digital scrapbooking templates.  Now, you might already be doing this, but if you are a traditional scrapper, you can just scrap lift the design from templates and sketches. 

Digital scrapbooking really is fast.  If you haven't tried it yet, you can check out several of our blogs dedicated to getting scrappers to go digital and for FREE.  I don't always go digital, but it's an awesome option. We even started a group on how to get started using PSE.  Simple, step by step videos and you can ask all of the questions you need and we're there to answer them, around the clock. Nothing like scrolling through those darn forums.

 magical memories templates

I highly recommend starting a board on Pinterest that will inspire you if a layout isn't coming to mind.  Before I go to my scrap table, I peruse my boards and scribble up a few sketches to take with me.  Otherwise, I waste tons of time trying to figure out how I want to layout my page.

If you'd like to visit our boards, click here.

I know there are some insanely gorgeous pages out there with more embellishments and talent that I own. I'm sure they must take hours to design and I don't even want to think about how much money goes into them.  You don't have to scrap like that.

This is a page from my simple mini I've been blogging lately.  I only have to do the cover and it's finally finished.  I've been spending just under an hour for each page.  Some only took 30 minutes.  I've used several of the tips I'm explaining for this album.

This album is a 6x6 so filling the pages is REALLY easy and it doesn't take much at all.  I can save paper, time, embellishments, etc by scrapping smaller.  I personally, prefer smaller albums.  The 12x12 are so clumsy, but they are great when you have a LOT to scrap about.  So consider your project and or page at hand and choose the best size album or page for it.

This mini, below is mega tiny.  Talk about a minimum of products?!  Hehehe...You can get several pages finished in under an hour and look how fab they are?!  Just an attention to some fine detail and great products will give you a super result.

If you want to scrap a fast gift project, consider one like this one, below.  I've got the free template on a previous blog.  You can find it here.  This project is mega fast.  No excuses!  Hehehe...

 Free template for a folding mini scrapbook album

Below, is another mini matchbook you can scrap up in under an hour and I've got another free template for you as well as a step by step tutorial.

 free template for matchbook mini album

I've said it again and again, how much time I save by using collections.  Above, you can see I used goodies from Graphic 45.  You can purchase Graphic 45 in most shops like Scrapbook.com and Createforless.

I grabbed a couple of kicking examples of collections to show you.  The one above, is just over $25 and it comes with EVERYTHING you need to scrap beautifully and quickly because it's all there for ya.  You don't have to rummage through your scrap stash.  If your stash is like mine, it's a mess and difficult to find things.

Here's another modern, fresh with a retro twist collection.  Papers, elements, journal cards...it's all in one collection.  Love this one!

I'm leaving you with a few super ways to organise.  I found all of these at CreateForLess at really great prices.

Keep your cartridges all in one place so they don't get lost.


This is a great way to store your papers in many sizes.  There's room for other kinds of scrap stuff, too.


I have something similar to this stackable, carrying case.  It's great for your tiny embellishments.  Try to sort them out in like colours or by the type of element it is. 


I'm so tempted to add this to my cart.  I craft in the attic and in the winter it's really cold up there so I grab some stuff and go downstairs to scrap.  This would be awesome.  I have something similar, but it's smaller and doesn't have all of these different size compartments.  You can see everything so clearly as well.

I've got an organisation board, too.  Hehehe...

I've given you the gift of time so I expect you to get scrappy!

Thanks for dropping by The Cherry.