Friday, May 3, 2019

International Scrapbooking Weekend Has Arrived! Join Us For Freebies and Scrappy Fun!

Happy International Scrapbooking Weekend!

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.  We in the scrapbooking realm feel one day is not nearly enough to celebrate the joy of scrapbooking so we extend it a few days.  There is just way too much to cover in one day and for many of us, scrapbooking is an excellent creative outlet.  Scrapbooking means a lot of different things to people.  I've got an unending sea of creativity that needs to be released. Along with others, I have also found the therapeutic need for scrapbooking as well.  Whether it be digital or traditional, this is what we need.  A super way to express our thoughts that might not come out so well verbally.  Memory keeping is often about cherishing special moments in our lives.  Even the everyday.  Especially, the everyday!  It's really, really good for us to remind ourselves of that spectacular view.  That extraordinary smile.  Those warm, tender eyes that sparkle and melt our hearts.  A loved one that is forever in our hearts, but we're no longer able to hold.

My newest part of our One Word Wonders is dedicated to scrapbookers, artists and creative beasts that are dealing with mental difficulties.  This collection totally resonates with me in many different ways.  I have two boys with Autism.  I suffer from Acute Anxiety Disorder (though not as bad as previously) and well, who doesn't deal with mental garbage on a frequent basis?!

 Optimism Scrapbooking Kit

Optimism isn't always easy to maintain.  For many people the grey, black and dark days are difficult to escape.  We might often feel like we are drowning in our blue days.  Sometimes we feel like we can't get further down.  Even rock bottom is something we can look up to.  We are by no means alone with these thoughts.  Our thoughts are tough to overcome.  It is essential that we always refer back to optimism even if it seems ridiculous.

This collection embraces those grey, dark days and or feelings that may overwhelm us, but it offers a bright side.  The optimistic side that we can never let slip away.  The collection offers a wide variety of design papers, elements, journal cards, graphics and a template that can be used in an assortment of projects on your list.  No mental issues needed.  It has a very masculine side to it so scrapping up the men in your life will be absolutely no problem.  Let's take a closer look.

 Optimism Digital Backgrounds

I've never worked so many hours on a collection and still love it after it's completion.  Hehehe...I often can't wait NOT to look at it for a few days, but I want to still scrap with this one.  I tried all kinds of different techniques for the papers and experienced with some new skills on the elements, too.  The underlying tone is definitely on the dark side with the splash of bright to keep you feeling energized and lively.

 Optimism Digital Elements

Allow me to show off some of my own pages along with those of my incredibly talented team.


This first one is my page.  I wanted to show you how you can simply add to the template for you page.  I changed out very few elements, clipped in a few papers, did some journaling and added crazy cat eyes.  Don't they match my hair perfectly?!  Hehehe...Go crazy with either the guy or girl template.


How about the intensity of those eyes?  That's my son JJ.  His Autism is rather heavy.  He needs assistance with every aspect of life.  That puts a lot of pressure on my husband and I and we suffer physically and mentally from both of our boy's Autism and the symptoms that comes with it.  If you feel like this, know you are not alone and don't be afraid to express or vocalize those feelings.  It is a lot to deal with.


Do you recognize my gal, Tammy's page?  She also has to deal with a pile up of mental garbage and Autism plays a big part in her life as well.  Her expression says it all...beautifully.  More goodies found at The Lily Pad.


Super scrappy sister, Hilary also has a son with Autism.  We are always there for each other when help, advice you, feel free to join our group AuSumness.  We also have a blog with tips, tricks and frank commentary.


Pow Wow, right?!  Cindy is totally knocking it out of the park with her take on the template.  She used goodies from Paula Kesserling and Little Butterfly Wings.  Find them at The Lily Pad.


Another page from Hilary.

 Optimism Template

Danica's page is so awesome!  Love the glasses and vivacity of this page.  Also with goodies from The Lily Pad.

 Optimism Template

Here's a totally different take on our template.  Our gorgeous scrap subject from Tammy.

Find the collection at Sweet Shoppe Designs.  

 Kreative Design Studio

Take the time to scrap yourself.  You might be surprised how many of us want to know more about you and learn more of who you are.  You might even surprise yourself when you dig enough to find those qualities in yourself that really are special.

I had to split up the kit to get it to fit in the Etsy shop and the template is enormous.  I've given a link on a clickable page.  Contact me for any hiccups you might encounter. 

Below, is the free sampler I gave to newsletter subscribers.  They get a free sample of the One Wonders, every other month.  If this sounds appealing, sign up today.  I keep them short, they only come out once a week and I spoil my subscribers with freebies and scrappy news.

I've also got some new templates in the shop.  Since our first set of planner style templates went so well, I've designed some more and trust me, they are equally if not a little more fun to use.  I've got a few comments from some scrappy sisters saying how much they love them.  "They scrap so fast and easy!"  "My page came out so great!"  "They are so unique."  Let's hear what you think!  I've got most of the shop on sale at 40% off so you can totally added them to your stash.  The sale is this Friday through Monday and there won't be another for a long time.

 Planned Again Templates

 Take a look at the gorgeous pages from my team and myself.

 Planned Again Scrapbooking Templates

Find the goodies at The Lily Pad.

 Planned Again Scrapbooking Templates

Awesome scrapbooking goodies from Throwing Some Scraps Around.

 Planned Again Scrapbooking Templates

Find the stash at the Sweet Shoppe from Kristin Cronin Barrows.

 Planned Again Scrapbooking Templates

I told Jenni that I wanted to keep flipping through her awesome book.  Don't you?! Yip!  Find the goods at Sweet Shoppe Designs!

 Planned Again Scrapbooking Templates

Goodies from Clever Monkey Graphics

 Planned Again Scrapbooking Templates

Some pages just make me squeal!  EEK! Tammy's page, certainly does.  I often envision how the pages are supposed to look like and this one certainly hits the mark.  Wow, right?!

 Planned Again Scrapbooking Templates

I bet you can guess where these gorgeous products come from?  SSD

Planned Again Scrapbooking Templates

Uh, huh...SSD, again!

 Planned Again Scrapbooking Templates

I love Ella's traditional feel of her beautiful page.  Who wouldn't want to crap that adorable face?  This kit looks pretty amazing, too.

 Planned Again Scrapbooking Templates

It looks like The Lily Pad is the place to go for artistic goodies.  Such a super page with our new Planned Again templates.

Planned Again Scrapbooking Templates

When a busy creative team member scraps more than 2 pages in a pack, you know it's a GOOD pack!  Another thing that might appeal to you with these templates is how they translate according to your style.  My page, is the next one and I gave it a more traditional appeal.  While the page above Tammy's is very artistic.  Cindy is such a super scrapper.

 Planned templates

I love the name of LouCee's new kit, Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun and I love the gulls even more.  I had to put one on the stage.  He's adorning my planner of our trip to the south of France.  These pages might look like they took hours to design and some might have, but this style of template is certainly a huge time saver.

 Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun

 Kreative Design Studio
I've just added another coupon of spend $15 and save $5! Code: NSD2019

You mightn't guess who the designer is of this amazing collection.  It's Key Lime Digi Design.  Sandy is back with flavor and it's bacon.  Hehehe...At first glance of the preview, I was frankly shocked.  I didn't know where to look first because it all looked so fascinating and then I started scrapping and scrapping and scrapping and before I knew it, I was looking at my most favorite page to date.

It took me awhile to find the perfect pics that would go with, When Pigs Fly.  I found these exceptional pictures of my youngest wearing... a ... hat!  He never wears them.  In fact, we are also not allowed to wear them. Not only that, he sat for a tiny photo shoot!  I ran to the window after my time was up, but I did not see any winged swine.  Hehehe...The possibilities with this kit will have you loving KLDD.

 When Pigs Fly by KLDD

Take a look at all you get for an unbelievable price!

 Pigs Fly

If you are not a member of our group, then you haven't seen the new 
collections and collaborations from Made By Keuntje.  Here is April Fresh and some recent pics I took of the spring flowers growing in our lawn.  I don't wanna mow and I hardly need an excuse.



Dana paired up with Jana from Two Worlds to design a collaboration that's a lot like our very own, Optimism, but with their own special flair.  I used my Jovial templates which are on sale right now, too!  If you are one of the many with a cart/wishlist full of goodies from our shop, Kreative Design Studio, now is the time to make your purchase.  The shop won't be on sale again for months and mama needs a new pair of specs!  

My adorable doggie and his excess of hair also done with a twist.

Here is a look at everything we are doing this weekend. I'd so love for you to join us!

The flash freebies will come available when YOU and our other fans in the Facebook Group answer questions and work together to unlock the freebies.  Trust me!  They will be worth it. I asked what you wanted as flash freebies and I chose three of YOUR choices.  Come on over Saturday and help us!

Sunday's Recipe Challenge will start after I've had my coffee Sunday morning.  Hehehe...Will go live, in the group, as an event and when you do the challenge, with any kit you like and post your page in the group and or album dedicated to the event, I'll send you a link to a fabulous, free template!

Grab the goods while they are on sale at 40% off!!!

 Kreative design studio

Now, ya know I have to offer my loyal blog readers a lovey freebie in celebration of iNSD.  I've designed what I think is our fan's second best freebie choice and that is a quick page.  Pop in your pic or pics and you've scrapped!  Isn't that just the bee's knees?!

 Free Quick Page with Optimism

You can add more goodies from our collection if you like and put your very own stamp on our quick page.

I'm coming back tomorrow for a traditional blog, if all goes well.  I've got a lot of gluing to do in the mean time.  Speaking of time, I'm so thrilled you popped by. Enjoy this fabulous weekend and as always, happy scrapping!