Saturday, December 21, 2019

Hybrid Holiday Cards How To With The Cherry On Top and Aimee Harrison Designs

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Hybrid Saturday.

After popular demand, Hybrid Saturday's are back and in full force.  We've had something for you this entire month.  It's the month with a lot of hub-bub and there are ample opportunities for hybrid projects whether it be cards, tags, gifts...doing things hybrid can save you time, money and a trip to the shops.

I've been focusing on cards, but the blog is full of all other kinds of hybrids.  I invite you to scroll through years of blogs and all of the scrappy goodness.

I needed to update my FB wear and I needed Christmas cards to send around this year.  If you know The Cherry then you know I'm all about the multiple birds with one stone thing.  So take a look how I turned my page using Aimee Harrison's Winter Woodlands collection and turned into an FB profile picture, wall photo, a card to send through the mail and more.

The profile picture should apparently be 320x320, but it's an annoying circle.  So if you use a square, you'll never get to see the entire thing.  Grrr...The wall photo should be  1200x628...

The profile pic was a no brainer.  I just used the page I already had and made zero adjustments.  I did try to cheat and just "crop" my page into the wall photo spot and change the pic, but that wasn't happening.  I duplicated my entire page, with all of the layers and just focused on the bottom of the page and those layers.  You can see that if you look closely at the above page.

I did slide down the handy photo spot and paper layers to neatly nestle between my scene.  I just took a few things away and moved some elements around a bit so they would all fit into the above dimensions.  See how my page and my wall photo is the same width, anyway?  Easy!

On to the cards.  I measured a standard European envelope and opened a blank document with those measurements which were, I believe 7x4 inches.  A pretty good size for a card and one that can easily be printed through your own printer.  Yes!

I could fit 2 on one piece of paper, even better yet.  Again, copy the document with the layers and just slide everything around to fit in the new space which really isn't all that much different.

To make things go even faster still, I set up all of these printables so I could just stick them on the reverse of the card and on the envelopes.

I used a really light box for my template, you can always choose to remove the lines before printing, but I wanted them so I could cut them properly with my paper cutter.

Don't forget to use good paper and or sticker paper to expedite the process and check those printer settings.  I used the same cluster over and over again, to save time.  So you're looking at the other side of the card, sending addresses for on the envelopes and my return address labels.

Some ink and a couple sheets of paper, maybe some sticker paper and you're set!  Custom goodies made quickly and inexpensively.

My terrible image.  My camera fell off of a very high shelf and broke.  I tried to use a cell phone, but I'm not familiar with phones that do not have buttons so I'm struggling.  I'll do my best to get better at the pics because these are just terrible, but at least you can see how easy it is to cut everything because they are all just simple squares which will save you even more time.

Here's a close up of Aimee's gorgeous collection.

We had a totally kicking blog yesterday with a lot of free stuff. Pop over there and check it out.  There's so much to talk about and to show you.  If you've any questions, head over to our FB group.

I hope you have a fantastic holiday and that you're able to relax and enjoy it.  If not, take a deep breath and keep the wine nice and cold.

Happy scrapping!